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Marina and the Diamonds Gives Us ‘FROOT’, Album Details & Music Video

Pop chanteuse and all-round good egg Marina Diamandis — known by her fan-related moniker as Marina and the Diamonds — has been out of the world of pop for a while now, given that she gave the axe to her sophomore album’s namesake and alter ego Electra Heart over a year ago. Since then she’s been working on more music, helmed by her unique propensity for giving her albums a distinctive creative vision and sound, without sacrificing some classic pop goodness.

The result of this? Dark indie electro-pop in the form of brand new album title track, ‘FROOT’, a danceable, ’70s-esque ode to life, love, and the decay of time on rotting fruit. Yes, seriously. With an infectious hook, an unusual structure, and Marina’s impressive, operatic vocals on full force, it’s a solid return to form for one of pop’s most undervalued performers.

However, Marina also shared with the world a lot of details about her latest album — also called Froot — and how every six months until the album’s release, those who pre-order it shall receive a free song from the album, styled around one of the album’s ‘flavours’. That’s right, she’s running with the flavour palette on this one, adopting the album’s twelve songs and separating them into six distinct ‘flavours’ with their own colours, worlds, and smells — meaning that fans should be able to try one of each fruit before the full album drops in April next year.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Marina dropped the full video release for ‘Froot’, a stylish, cinematic offering in which she smouldered and danced with the glitzy, gold-lame promise of every teenage boy’s fantasy girl, and the darkness of a femme fatale. Clearly Marina’s going for a distinct niche this time around (the entire album is produced by David Kosen), and while it might not be for the fans of Electra Heart‘s electropop darkness, it’s a bold, brilliant direction that unites the glitter of her sophomore album with the indie leanings of her debut.

Froot will be out in April 2015.