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Lights, Camera, Action: Leeds International Film Festival Rolls Into Town

Of all the film festivals in the north of England, Leeds has more than earned its place as one of the most diverse, respected, and well-liked amongst the critics who go to assess the new films on offer, and the film-going public who love a good time at the movies. For those not in the know, the Leeds International Film Festival (shortened to LIFF28, both for its current run, and for the usage of hashtag-related bombardment), is a yearly event during which global cinema, beloved classics, and brilliant young film compete for space.

The festival, spread across the city’s significant cinemas and notable cultural hotspots, looks set to encompass the wide range of cinema available — everything from black and white German classics such as Dietrich’s The Blue Angel, Kubrick’s astonishing 2001: A Space Odyssey, up to experimental cinema, Japanese anime, horror movie marathons that are a rite of passage, new Tom Hardy thriller The Drop, and Michael Keaton’s Birdman, which is set to close the festival and which is earning rave reviews around the world.

We’ll be there viewing the best that the festival has to offer, but for those in the area, get yourselves down to the Leeds Film Festival. It’s more than worth the price of admission.

Leeds International Film Festival opens on November 5th with films and events running until November 20th. Check out the full list of movies and events at their website.