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‘Jurassic World’ Trailer: Chris Pratt Rides With Velociraptors

Fourteen years after Jurassic Park III, producer Steven Spielberg is bringing back the dinosaurs, with director Colin Trevorrow at the helm.

The movie, canonically set 22 years after the events of the original 1993 Jurassic Park film, now features a theme park much like the one at today’s Universal Studios. With live dinosaurs roaming the confines of the amusement arena, as well as aquatic dinosaurs that pop out of the water like Sea World’s killer whales, this exciting “tourist attraction” is not as safe as its visitors would probably like it to be.

One would have hoped that the traumatic and horrific effects of dinosaurs gone rogue (see: Velociraptors gorging on human flesh in the first Jurassic Park) in the Jurassic universe would have been a large enough deterrent for scientists trying to recreate these gigantic predators. Perhaps an ironic social commentary on the fact that humanity tends to repeat history, scientists not only recreate the dinosaurs, but find a way to commodify them and then turn to creating dangerous hybrids when visitors become few and far between.

This goes as well as one would expect it to, which is to say, not at all. We hear the characters explain that the hybrid has escape and it becomes a struggle to leave the island in one piece.

With Chris Pratt once again stepping into the role of the hunky leading role, a dinosaur trainer named Owen, this movie boasts an impressive cast. Jurassic World has a familiar Marvel face in Ty Simpkins (Iron Man 3), as well as Bryce Dallas Howard, Judy Greer, Irrfan Khan, and Jake Johnson.

Coming out summer 2015, and fresh off Chris Pratt’s post-Guardians of the Galaxy popularity, this film will no doubt be one of the greatest hits of the summer movie season this year.