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‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Top 5 Suspects: Who Killed [Spoiler]?

The series long mystery will finally resolve in How To Get Away With Murder‘s mid-season finale next week. The pilot episode revealed that Annalise’s husband, Sam (Tom Verica), had been murdered and the Keating Five — Wes, Michaela, Connor, and Laurel — plus Rebecca were all involved somehow. We’ve been building up all sorts of theories of what could have happened, so here are our top 5 suspects for Sam’s murder.

1. Bonnie

After this last episode, Bonnie certainly has motive to kill Sam. She figures out that he lied about not knowing about Lila’s pregnancy and then he kisses her in an attempt to make sure she doesn’t tell Annalise, shattering all of her delusions about Sam being a good person. But Bonnie does tell Annalise, who fires her on the spot. The tears are flowing and it’s all very emotional.

It’s possible she murdered Sam as revenge (and a misplaced sense of vigilante justice) and left his body for the Keating Five and Rebecca to find. The reason she’s with Asher the night of Sam’s murder? An alibi. Bonnie is no dummy; we bet she knows how to cover her tracks.

2. Wes

Yes, we know, he’s so doe-eyed and innocent-looking, but Annalise said it best: it’s the quiet ones you gotta watch out for. He’s already going to great lengths to protect his neighbor-turned-girlfriend Rebecca. Perhaps Wes took that protection one step further… into murder.

3. Rebecca

There’s definitely more to her than she seems. Rebecca offering to (falsely) confess to the murder on Wes’ behalf two episodes ago seems to have taken her off a lot of peoples’ personal suspect lists, but this could be the case of a double bluff.

Rebecca has the most to lose if she were to go down for Lila’s death — a crime Sam may have committed. Ever since she found out about Sam being “Mr. Darcy” the two have been borderline antagonistic. It’s very possible that Sam, thinking that Rebecca was going to get him thrown in prison, may have tried to hurt her — and Rebecca acted in self-defense.

4. Michaela

This is a bit of a long shot, but Michaela’s reaction after the death of “Mr. Darcy” was way more extreme than anyone else in the Keating Five or even Rebecca, who was literally covered in Mr. Darcy’s blood (though, come to think of it, maybe this says more about Rebecca than anything). Hyperventilating, crying, rocking back and forth in the corner. This all could have to do with her “perfect little mind” breaking after witnessing such an event, but it also could have been because she lost it, smacked him in the head with a trophy, and he died.

Also, the trophy: Michaela was the last known possessor of the murder weapon. You say red herring, we say suspect.

5. Annalise

Who has more motive than the murder victim’s wife? Annalise acted pretty distraught when she couldn’t find Sam the night of the murder, but who knows if that wasn’t just acting? She’s been dealing with the fact that Sam was sleeping with one of his students, a murder victim, and on top of that she just learned that Lila had been six weeks pregnant. Not only did Sam lie to her face about not knowing about the pregnancy, but then he kissed Bonnie, Annalise’s closest female confidant. Maybe Annalise just snapped?

In any case, we put Annalise at the bottom of our list because we don’t think she’s actually capable of murdering anyone. Not to mention she called the D.A.’s office asking for them to do a DNA test on all of Lila’s male professors, which includes Sam. It wouldn’t make sense for Annalise to make that call and then turn around and kill Sam.

Who do you think killed Sam? Tell us your theories in the comments below!