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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: “USPIS”

While Rosa’s gigglepig task-force attempt to find dealers with some help from a post office worker (Ed Helms), Amy tries to get past an addiction of her own in this week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

“USPIS” is another episode that tries to foster more responsibility on Jake, with Boyle following him around as his number two again. The pair work with Ed Helms’ insufferable character in unlocking the secret (literally, through old, unused mailboxes) to gigglepig’s distribution.

The episode runs on the theme of frustration (Jake with Helms’ character and Amy with her incapacity to let go of her nicotine crutch) and while it’s better than last week’s “Lockdown”, it’s still a little so-so overall. While it was great to see Rosa in a position of authority (something in her just screams ‘captain’ to me), it was disappointing that she only held the position so we could see Jake almost mess it all up for her. But anything that explores Rosa and Jake’s friendship is exciting, and it’ll be interesting to see if anything more comes up for her after the success of their bust.

Amy’s story, meanwhile, sees Terry, Gina and even Holt himself sharing their own addiction stories and cures to try and help her quit her ‘secret’ smoking. She dunks herself in ice water, goes running with Holt and even tries meditation, but it’s all to no avail. Amy’s no good at not being good at something, a perfectionist even when it comes to quitting, and it’s the realization of this at the end of the episode that helps her out the most. Holt gives her a pep talk, leaving a preposition hanging in his grammatically incorrect sentence, and because of this, quitting once again seems achievable.

The bad guys get caught, and the rest of the gang help Amy stub out her cigarettes. It’s an OK episode, but it’s not great.

Grade: B


  • SANTIAGO SASSED HOLT! I might never be over it. As Gina says (and please, show us some footage of her compulsive shopping days, B99): “Her mind finally snapped. Like a stale breadstick.”
  • The biggest laugh of the night however goes to Holt, betting on horses back in his mustached days. “Go Razzamatazz. Go Razzamatazz. Go. Razzamatazz.” Andre Braugher is a master of even the subtlest inflection.
  • “Is this whole ‘War on Drugs’ really worth me spending another minute with this badonkus?” “I don’t know what badonkus means, but yes.” It means butt, Rosa. Jeez.