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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: “Jake and Sophia”

Once again, Brooklyn Nine-Nine proves this week just how masterful it is at slotting numerous plot points all into one 22-minute episode.

Jake (Andy Samberg) finds an interest outside of work in “Jake and Sophia,” while Amy (Melissa Fumero) gets coerced into running for union rep and Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) and Gina (Chelsea Peretti) split up the last remnants of their relationship — and then fight over a romantic weekend getaway that they had booked in advance together. All three stories are equally as compelling, but it’s the little moments that brought out the most laughter for me, like when Holt (Andre Braugher) correctly guesses the reason why Amy is seventy seconds late (a line at the bank), or just how ridiculous Boyle sounds when he puts on an ultra-high Beyonce voice, tricking Gina into thinking that she’s finally been called up to be a professional dancer. All of this just goes to show how far Brooklyn Nine-Nine has come.

It’s not surprising when Jake suggests an outlandish reason for Amy’s lateness, but it’s delightful to hear it (and the other characters’) anyway. In the wake of so many high-concept sitcoms being cancelled, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, with its simple workplace comedy backdrop, and highly capable cast, is running smoother and being funnier than any other comedy on TV.

We know that Amy would be a good union rep (and she looks set to be, after making a short and sweet speech that leaves both Rosa and Holt smiling (double whammy), and we know that Jake and Eva Longoria’s Sophia, despite her being a sub-human-piece-of-human-garbage defense attorney, would probably be good together, too. It’s not being surprised at what happens on a sitcom that makes them so good (and Brooklyn-Nine-Nine really is so good), it’s instead the jokes extending on the show’s own history, and the audience’s knowledge of these characters that makes it so smart and delightful. So many other shows seem to flounder for plot lines, but never Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

That’s not to say that the show can’t surprise its viewers though, because Gina’s mother and Boyle’s dad ending up sharing that hotel room together? Ew. I’m definitely surprised, and a little disgusted, too. As I’m sure everyone at the precinct (well, maybe not Scully or Hitchcock) would be too.

Grade: A

Final Thoughts

  • I know that it’s Amy with the passion to be captain, but part of me wanted Rosa to be the new union rep. Sure, she’d be a blunt diplomatic presence, but isn’t that just what the captain is?
  • “Writing things down is nerdy? What do you do?” “Just forget things. Like a cool person.” All the storylines were great this week, but Rosa and Amy arguing while Holt turned in his chair just won the night for me.
  • “There’s no conflict of interest because I’m not interested in you.” Sophia needs to stick around and visit the precinct to use some more of those insults, because damn.
  • Speaking of little moments being impressive and “Jake and Sophia,” I loved that we were shown Sophia giving Jake her wholehearted consent before they had sex, and him actually asking her for it. Respectful and comedic. What a show.
  • “It’s like trying to watch a horse eat with a fork!” “Majestic and hilarious?”

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