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‘Black Widow’ Writer Lights A Fire Under Marvel Fans With A Professional Script Tease

The thing Marvel doesn’t get is this: everyone wants a Black Widow movie. Casual fans want a Black Widow movie. Hardline nerds want a Black Widow movie. I don’t yet know President Obama, but I bet he wants a Black Widow movie too. Who else thinks this is an opportunity too good for Marvel to pass up? Nathan Edmondson, the writer currently doing the official Black Widow comic books.

Edmonson wants a Black Widow movie so much that when he saw the Twitter campaign for #BlackWidowMovie this week, he jumped on board with a gift for fans and a challenge to Disney/Marvel executives: a six-page script of the opening scene for a Black Widow action film. It starts with a kidnapping on a cold day in Berlin, and has that cool, calculated vibe reminiscent of the Bourne movies. However, a big screen treatment Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) has more potential than your normal spy flick. It would take place in the same universe as Captain America, The Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy. By now Marvel superhero films have a reputation of vacillating between tragic darkness and vivid, cheeky humor. Natasha Romanoff will fit that queue seamlessly; we’ve already seen her dryly telling off villains and texting her fellow Avengers with emoticon smiley-faces.

So how did she join the agency? What are the secrets of her past, and how deep are her ties to Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) or Director Fury (Samuel L. Jackson)? Nathan Edmondson wants to start at the beginning:

Who are you really?

She unzips her jacket. IT FALLS with her PANTS, and beneath
the white and gray was BLACK — her BLACK WIDOW suit,
complete with belt, boots and gauntlets. Her hair hangs now.
She reaches down and grabs Beringer with one hand and lifts
him off the ground to drag him away.

I’m for hire.

Just six pages, and I already wish it were a hundred. Come on, Marvel. This is story of how S.H.I.E.L.D. got their most valuable asset. It’s good, compelling cinema.

The screenwriters are ready to write it. The actress is ready to shoot it. The world is ready to pay for it. Give us a Black Widow movie!