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‘Are You The One?’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: “Dumped”

are you the one

Everyone’s spirits are up at the beginning of this episode of Are You The One.

They just figured out that John & Jenni are a match and they got 6 beams of lights, representing 6 perfect matches (including Pratt & Paris, Shelby & Curtis, and John & Jenni). Read my recap of the previous episode here.

Ellie wants to just go for it so she kisses Nathan. Meanwhile, Dario wants to pursue Ashley but she’s conflicted about what to do because she thinks Layton could be her match.

“Getting Dumped” Challenge: A couples challenge so one of the ladies — Tyler, as per usual — has to  sit out. The couples who are competing are:

Alex & Jasmine
Christina & Nathan
Brandon & Briana
Layton & Ashley
Dario & Ellie
Garland & Alex
Anthony & Jessica

It’s a fun challenge, with the pairs being asked “would you rather” questions and having to guess what the other person picked as their answer. If the guys answer wrong, then the girls drop a bucket of disgusting slop, such as pigs’ stomach, on them. Some of the questions asked:

Lingerie or birthday suit?
Morning sex or nighttime romance?
Smart & ugly or dumb & beautiful?

My favorite moment was Dario getting the last question wrong, guessing that Ellie would rather be smart and ugly. Ellie responds: “I’m not trying to be no ugly ass bitch.”

Then the girls and guys switch places. Here were some of the questions:

5-star restaurant or picnic on the beach?
Cooking a meal or ordering in?
After a fight: having make-up sex or buying her expensive jewelry?

The winners of the challenge are Brandon & Briana, Nathan & Christina, and Anthony & Jessica.

Back at the house, the guys discuss the 11th girl issue. They want to put Christina in the Truth Booth so they can figure out who the double match is.

In the backyard, Ellie and Nathan are hanging out. Ellie thinks Nathan could be her match, but he’s with Christine. She’s worried about being the double match with Christina. (My heart would break if Ellie were the double match and got nothing.) If Nathan isn’t Christina’s match, then he says it has to be Anthony. Ellie: “Anthony ain’t got no match. He’s a lone wolf in this bitch.”

The house has a costume party: Layton is embroiled in another love triangle — this time with Ashley & Dario. Layton wants to be with Ashley but she’s been spending all of her time with Dario. Apparently, Layton isn’t used to not getting what he wants, as we saw with Jenni & Anthony, and he simply can’t handle it when girls don’t fall at his feet. So Layton does the completely immature thing. He lashes out by having sex with Jess, thinking it will make Ashley jealous.

Ashley doesn’t seem to care that much. Her head is telling her that she could be Layton’s match, but her heart is obviously leaning towards Dario. Dario kisses Ashley while they’re sitting on the couches in the backyard.

The date: Briana says she’s having a great time with Brandon, surprisingly enough. The couples are all parasailing. Christina wishes Brandon wasn’t on the date because he’s a distraction for her. Nathan is scared of heights, so going parasailing isn’t his ideal situation to be wooing Christina. In fact, he encourages Brandon to go with Christina when it’s her turn.

Jess: “Nathan’s a bitch.”

Truth Booth: The couple voted in is Nathan & Christina. Everyone except Dario voted for them; he voted for Brandon & Briana. But it’s not a match! Christine says she’s done. Nathan was the only other person in the house that she connected with and she feels completely defeated, not wanting to leave the game empty handed. The house is in disarray, as well. Nobody knows what to do at this point.

Poor Nathan seems to think that his relationship with Christina is stronger than whatever she had with Brandon, but she contradicts that in an interview. Even though Nathan still wants to pursue something with Christine, she still views Brandon has her #1 after all is said and done.

Meanwhile, Jasmine starts having doubts about Alex. Her gut is telling her to be with him, but her gut instinct is in conflict with her logic.

Match-up ceremony: It’s ladies’ choice.

Briana & Nathan
Jasmine & Alex
Jess & Anthony
Tyler & Brandon
Alex & Garland
Ellie & Layton
Ashley & Dario

There’s a lot of build-up and tension to Jasmine picking her match, and of course she goes with Alex. Dario and Layton get into a heated argument about who’s the better man, while Ashley tears up. It definitely seems like Dario and Layton view Ashley as a prize to be won, rather than either one actually wanting to be with her. Both of them just want to prove who’s the bigger alpha male.

Christina chooses Anthony to be her match, but Anthony decides to go with his gut and stick with Jess. In an interview, he explains it’s just easier to figure out the perfect matches with Christina sitting out of the match-up ceremony since they still have no clue about the double match.

That strategy doesn’t work, however. They only get 2 more perfect matches, with a total of 5 beams out of 10. Paris and John look visibly distraught and Paris is upset that she’s not in the house to help the others — as if she could actually offer any kind of help.

Truth Booth: Nathan & Christina
Boom Boom Room: Layton & Jess
Kissed: Ellie & Nathan, Christina & Nathan, Ashley & Dario