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ABC Cancels ‘Selfie’

It’s a sad, sad day for television.

My short-lived campaign to get people to watch Selfie didn’t work, because ABC has canceled the Karen Gillan/John Cho sitcom loosely based on My Fair Lady. Gillan played Eliza Dooley, a woman who was social media savvy but totally inept when it came to real human interaction. She enlisted the help of her co-worker, Henry (Cho), to help her and the most recent episodes were building up Eliza and Henry’s chemistry into something more romantic.

I can’t say I’m surprised, given the ratings and the fact that most people had a hard time getting over the horrible title. The title curse has claimed Cougar Town (which ended up finding a home on TBS), Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, Trophy Wife, and now Selfie. Even I was pretty down on the premiere, but the sitcom had definitely improved since then. Episode 4, in particular, was a huge turning point for Selfie and the last two episodes (5 & 6) were some of the best I’ve seen this fall TV season.

Selfie joins Manhattan Love Story, A to Z, and Bad Judge in the television scrapheap.

Meanwhile, ABC gave Forever — a police procedural about a man living with immortality — a full-season order today.

Will you join me in mourning Selfie? Are you worried about any of your favorite new shows getting canceled?

  • I am so saddened. This was the one new show I really looked forward to.
    And I keep hearing that A to Z isn’t exactly canceled. There seems to be a chance to save it.

  • Katie

    Nooooooo! I am so sad. It had so much potential!

  • Please Please.

    Please please choose a different career path. Please.