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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: “Black Hole Sun”

Three big reveals, tied to each other, highlighted this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries and both were tied to why Damon and Bonnie are stuck in a purgatory set in 1994.

Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) are continuing to work with the mysterious Kai (Chris Wood) as he doles out information in small amounts. As they discuss their 1994 purgatory, Kai suggests it is tied to Damon and the dark day surrounding the date – and that doesn’t just mean the eclipse that occurred on that day.

As Damon slowly tells his tale, Kai says a mysterious object and Bonnie’s magic, tied in with the eclipse, is their way home. As Bonnie does a locator spell for the object, that Kai says is in Portland, they find out Kai had it all along. Oh, and Bonnie and Damon also discover Kai is actually a mass murderer who killed most of his family and is using them to get back into the mortal world.

Oh, and what was the very bad day for Damon? It ties back to 1994 when he came back to Mystic Falls to be with Stefan who is enjoying spending time with his distant relative Ethan. The same Ethan in the first season of The Vampire Diaries Damon killed. Stefan tells Damon he has created a life there in the Salvatore home and if he wants to stay he can’t feed on the boarders in the house.

Damon’s promise doesn’t last long as he switches out the Verbane the residents are drinking and starts to feed on them. Stefan confronts Damon about his actions, snaps his neck, takes him out to the stable and takes his daylight ring.

However, the eclipse allows Damon to escape. He kills all the residents including Ethan’s pregnant girlfriend. Reveal number one.

The second big reveal is related to the young pregnant woman Damon killed – she happens to be the woman Elena fed on in the season premiere – the same woman how now remembers who and what Elena is. She confronts Jeremy and shows her the picture she has had since she was a baby along with the one she found in the Salvatore house of her mother and Ethan Salvatore. Jeremy then realizes she is Ethan’s daughter – she is a Salvatore.

Meanwhile, Stefan (Paul Wesley) shows Elena (Nina Dobrev) how to re-invent herself.  Elena says if she is happy with how Stefan wants to just go away and be someone new she won’t bug him about staying. Convinced he is right, Elena leaves but comes back to Stefan getting into a bar fight. As they fight over his continued decision to leave and not confront things Stefan reveals what Elena did – have Alaric compel her to forget her love for Damon.

Elena reads a journal she wrote before her memory was altered and then gives it back to Alaric telling him to hold onto it. She has decided to keep her memories of Damon locked away.

In a smaller plot, Matt buddies up to Tripp to see what he knows and Tripp reveals when he came back to Mystic Falls he remembered a vampire killed his wife. He takes Matt to an abandoned building where he shows Matt he has a vampire held in chains – the vampire is Enzo. Matt gives Enzo a look not to sell out his other vampires and not reveal he knows him.

And the third big reveal? As Stefan is working on his car he hears a noise. When he turns around he sees his girlfriend, whom Enzo killed, has been turned into a vampire.