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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: “Welcome to Paradise”

Bonnie has her powers back. That was the big take-away from this week’s The Vampire Diaries.

While stuck in some strange 1990’s purgatory, Damon and Bonnie realize they are not alone. Damon is skeptical, chalking up the little details as coincidence. But finally he comes around when the evidence is overwhelming. They meet up with a strange man who corners Damon, has him drink vervain to weaken him, and threatens to kill him as powerless Bonnie looks on. Something triggers in Bonnie and she gets her powers back.

When they subdue the guy, he informs them all of this was his plan all along and he never intended to kill Damon. In fact, he set it all up to trigger Bonnie’s powers so they can get out.

Back in the real world, Damon is on the hunt for Enzo for killing his girlfriend. Damon’s revenge is all centered around a lake party Elena gets Caroline and Stefan to attend.

When Stefan seeks out Elena he is shocked at how unaffected she is about Damon’s death – not knowing she asked Alaric to erase her memory of loving Damon.

What is discovered during the lake party:

  • The founding family group Matt has been working with is actually training vampire hunters
  • While Stefan tries to kill Enzo, Enzo actually saves Stefan’s life when one of the vampire hunters tries to kill Stefan
  • Jeremy likes to drink and hook up with girls since Bonnie has been gone
  • Jeremy’s latest conquest turns out to be the girl Elena attacked and then was compelled by Caroline to forget it – only trouble is if anyone compelled goes back into the Mystic Falls’ city limits they remember. And guess what, that girl makes her way into the Mystic Fall’s city limits
  • Caroline almost admits to Stefan she cares for him, but he walks away seemingly indifferent to her
  • After saying she isn’t moving back in, at the end of the episode Caroline decides to move back in with Elena
  • Tyler continues to try and control his rage issues
  • Matt is shocked to learn about the true intentions of the first family community group he is involved in
  • Stefan looks like he has his revenge on Enzo as he stakes him twice in a diner after Tripp weakens him with vervain. Tripp then tells Stefan he will ‘take care’ of Enzo.

The Vampire Diaries airs on The CW on Thursdays at 8/7c.