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‘The Mindy Project’ Episode 5 Recap: “The Devil Wears Land’s End”

Whoa, Nelly. This episode definitely had a lot going on but the writing (thank you, Jeremy Bronson) and the delivery were great. Not to mention, Shonda Rhimes and Niecy Nash were amazing in their guest roles.

The episode starts off with Danny and Mindy on their drive back from a wedding when they get pulled over by a cop. Mindy gets out of getting a ticket, though, because she’s pulls out the big guns. Not literally, of course. But she does start crying and ranting about how she can’t have a baby. The cop takes pity on her and lets her go, ticket-less. This seems to be the overwhelming message of this episode. Lie, cry, and you’ll get out of whatever mess you’ve gotten yourself into.

At the office the next day, Peter’s in a rush to find someone who can fill in for his buddy Pubes at the Dartmouth Alumni Beer Pong Tournament. Someone who is better than Shonda Rhimes, the champion. Danny, Mindy, and Peter are too busy talking about this, that they’re late in going to the meeting with the new Department Chief of the Hospital, Dr. Gene Fishman. They make a very loud entrance, with Peter tripping and making a scene and Mindy’s phone going off. Their first impression doesn’t fair too nicely with Gene because she ends up giving them the worst times for deliveries. In order to fix things, Mindy invites Gene out for a night on the town. It goes so well that Gene misunderstands Mindy’s actions throughout the night, including her moving aside a piece of her hair to get rid of a beetle. Gene takes these gestures to be romantic, so she kisses Mindy. (I don’t blame her, Mindy was looking particularly beautiful throughout this episode. Her stylish outfits probably contributed to this too).

Meanwhile, Jeremy proves himself to be the best choice for Peter’s beer pong teammate. He has amazing aim because as a child, he had to throw ice into his father’s drinks from afar. At the tournament, Jeremy transforms himself into Barf, a typical frat boy with an American accent. He pulls it off perfectly, so perfectly that he and Peter end up winning their first game. After, Shonda comes up to talk to Peter about Lauren and it seems like Peter’s had a history of dating girls who always end up leaving him for his friends. Everyone hears wind of this and start chanting, “Lefty,” (Peter’s frat name). Humiliated, Peter leaves and Jeremy follows him. Apparently, Peter’s called Lefty because he’s always left behind by girls. Jeremy gives him a little pep talk and they go out and kick some ass. They end up winning the entire tournament, beating Shonda Rhimes. Jeremy gives a little speech and demands that Peter choose a new nickname. In the heat of the moment, Peter chooses an even worse name, Diarrhea, but there’s no going back now.

Back at the office, Danny’s convinced Mindy to come clean to Gene and she does, but she accidentally says it in front of Gene’s wife, Debra. Uh oh. Gene’s even more infuriated now that she wants to change their schedule so they’ll never see the light of day. “That’s why telling the truth sucks.”

Once at Danny’s apartment, Mindy calls Gene to apologize, but ends up dramatizing her situation when she hears that Gene’s wife is thinking of leaving her. Mindy tries to get even by lying and saying that Danny’s thinking about killing himself. Shocked, Gene and her wife go over to help out, but when they get there, Mindy tells them that he’s fine. Gene tells her that if she made this all up, then the entire practice will have to find a new hospital. Mindy’s just about to tell her the truth anyway, as long as she doesn’t take it out on anyone else, when Danny comes to the rescue, in a sense. He comes out of his room acting like a crazy, angry, drunk boyfriend. He starts off lying pretty strong, but Mindy tries to help him by miming what to lie. He gets a little confused and off topic to the point of blabbering “Exsqueeze me?” a few times, throwing a bottle of wine on Mindy’s face, and yelling that he can’t have a baby. (What he learned from Mindy on their way back from the wedding).

Debra and Danny end up forgiving Mindy for kissing Gene, although Danny agrees under certain conditions. Mindy has to help him build his chairs, make him dinner for a month, and wake him up with a little special boop-boop on random mornings. “And that’s how it’s done.”


“I told Jeremy that if he ever wants me to go anywhere, he has to trick me into believing that Pharrell is doing a meet and greet.” – Mindy

“I can’t do a C-section at 11 PM on a Sunday with a gut full of Ma’s lasagn’!” – Danny

“And now Gene has a case of Mindy fever and we all know there ain’t no cure for that!” – Mindy

“I wrote a TV pilot about him once. The network said it was too sad.” – Shonda about Peter

“He’s uncircumcised. ‘Turtleneck.'” – Jeremy