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‘The Mindy Project’ Episode 4 Recap: “I Slipped”

Things are all going well on the Danny and Mindy front – he gives her an extra slice of pie, a necklace, and a nose hair trimmer – that is, until he “slips.” For those who don’t get it, this is the network’s ingenious way of renaming, pardon my language, anal sex. Mindy doesn’t like it and doesn’t believe Danny when he says it was a mistake. I mean, come on, you’re an OBGYN for goodness sake, but I’ll save my anger for later.

Mindy goes to her most perverted friend Peter to ask him if a man can ever really just “slip,” which no, they can’t. Furious, she goes back to Danny and gives him another chance to confess that his actions the night before weren’t an accident. Once again, he lies and blames it on the fact that he’s getting old and his eyes are going bad. Mindy seems to believe this, up until the point when they visit the ophthalmologist who assures them that Danny’s eyesight is perfect. Oh boy. Danny’s dug himself in too deep, so he finally tells her that he did do it on purpose, but he did it because he was under the impression she had already done it before, with her highly advanced sexual life.

Once again, Mindy confides in Peter and admits that she’s a prude. “A prude that slays dudes like whoa.” Now she’s under the impression that Danny’s a lot more experienced in bed than she is. Peter decides to show her some new moves she can use on Danny is his own “Peter Prentice’s Banging in Bed Bootycamp.” He plays the part of Danny and a skeleton plays Mindy. She’s terrified by what she sees and just makes up her mind that she’ll go through something she doesn’t want to do to make Danny happy. Sigh.

In my opinion, the B plot was a lot more interesting than the A plot, mainly because we finally get to see more of Jeremy and Peter. They’re still dealing with the love triangle between them and Lauren. In an effort to get them to become friends again, Morgan takes them out to dinner so they can talk it out. They end up just getting into a fight that results in Jeremy singeing Peter’s eyebrows off.

In order to go through the ordeal, Mindy has to drug herself using the drugs Morgan gets for her because she neither wants to be awake for it, but she’s can’t legally be asleep. That night, Danny tells Mindy that they “don’t have to do that stuff…because when [he’s] with [her], it’s enough.” Danny probably should’ve stopped there, but no, he had to go ahead and call their relationship “like an old shoe.” Before he said this, Mindy was getting comfortable, but as soon as he said that, in order to prove that she’s not an old shoe to him, she picks up her cup and drinks the roofie. If you haven’t already gotten the hint, I’m very disappointed with this episode. I just don’t seem to understand why the writers chose this plotline and didn’t even handle it well.

Mindy ends up hallucinating, passing out, and waking up in a hospital bed with Danny at her side. Morgan, Jeremy, and Peter quickly join them to see what happened. Jeremy and Peter get into a little spat again, but it ends when Mindy tells them to stop this childish fight at work. After they leave, Danny tells Mindy that what he did the other night didn’t mean anything. “Sometimes a guy just has to try something.” Uh, okay. A guy can try something as long as he has consent, which is what Mindy clarifies for him, “If you wanna try something freaky, just run it by me first.” I was disappointed in both of their characters at different times in this episode, but my love for The Mindy Project continues on.


“Pope Frank is on the case!” – Danny

“My room only has one entrance and I don’t think that’s enough for you any more.” – Mindy

“If you go blind, I’m gonna get so fat.” – Mindy

“Oh, a person. Like in the picture!” – Jeremy

All of Peter’s sexual positions are hilarious. My personal favorite was the bagpipe.

I’ll forever say ‘etcetera’ like “Etka. Etka. Etka.”

“Wanna put on some The Blues?” – Mindy