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‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: “The Weeping Lady”

An undead Weeping Lady in Sleepy Hollow is actually a woman from Ichabod’s past who’s bent on destruction. Meanwhile, Katrina (Katia Winter) and Ichabod (Tom Mison) discover disturbing news about each other; and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) is surprised by flirtatious encounters.

Woo, Abby’s gonna get her flirt on! I kinda wish it was with someone a liiittle bit more interesting than Sully-from-Harper’s-Island, but he’s already scores better than her annoying ex from Season 1 so I’m not gonna complain much. Other takeaways from the above summary: the monster-of-the-week is a Weeping Lady, which reminded me of the legend of La Llorona, which then reminded me of that one terrifying haunted maze I went through a few years ago. Eek. Good stuff for Halloween, though!

This week starts off with Ichabod getting a brand new wardrobe. Before y’all get excited about Ichabod In 21st Century Threads, though, you should know he’s getting his clothes from a colonial reenactment tailor. I’m pretty sure it’s the same nice lady Ichabod talked to in season one, in which case this is some sweet continuity. Plus, she’s adorable: in the space of a minute, she hits on Ichabod, is mortified to find out he’s married, mistakes perfect-timing-Abbie as Ichabod’s wife, then runs out in a tizzy. ADORABLE.

We cut to Ichabod’s actual wife in the midst of writing out a letter and actually casting magic to deliver it to Ichabod. The way the show’s been treating her I almost forgot she was a witch. Headless almost catches her in the act and, suspicions piqued, gets Henry/War to check on the anti-magic enchantment that’s supposed to be around the house. Henry goes through Katrina’s old things at her place and discovers something dark in Ichabod’s past to use against him.

Meanwhile, Ichabod goes to apologize to Caroline The Tailor in person, “as a true gentleman should.” Caroline accepts his apology and their friendship is strengthened. Unfortunately this makes Caroline a target for the Weeping Lady, who attacks and drowns her in the river. Ichabod is devastated.

He and Abbie investigate and discover tire tracks at the Lover’s Lane close by to where Caroline’s body must have entered the water. This leads them to the “gossip grapevine” at the local high school, which then leads them to a couple who claims they saw the Weeping Lady, the ghost of a colonial woman who drowned in the river after being jilted by a lover.

The pair split up at the library to do some good old fashioned research, where Ichabod finally receives his love letter from Katrina, and Abbie and a randomly appearing Hawley make cutesy eyes and witty banter at each other in the stacks. Just after Hawely makes his exit, Abbie starts hearing the crying noise that preceded all of the Weeping Lady’s attacks. When she confronts the creature, she’s dragged through an inky portal and down into the river, but manages to escape with Ichabod’s help. Hawley shows up again to administer CPR.

Ichabod and a recovered Abbie continue their investigations into the Weeping Lady. Abbie managed to get a small piece of the creature’s shawl during their struggle, cloth which Ichabod (naturally) instantly recognizes as belonging to a woman he once knew. Surprise! Ichabod is the Weeping Lady’s jilted lover. Awkward.

sleepy hollow weeping lady

So Weeping Lady/Mary killed Caroline and tried to kill Abbie to stop them from “stealing” Ichabod away – what’s she gonna when she finds out Katrina is still alive? Why, kill her too, of course. To stop her from doing that, Abbie and a reluctant Ichabod seek out the help of Hawley, who outfits them with a crossbow and iron bolts. By the time they get to Headless’ lair, the Weeping Lady has already found and pulled Katrina away into the river. As Abbie and Ichabod rush to the river to save Katrina, Katrina has already rescued herself using her magic. Twice in one episode, I’m shocked.

Ichabod gives Katrina the rundown of what’s going on. Katrina tells them this must be Henry’s doing, and that she can give the Weeping Lady peace but it will require some dark magic. Ichabod distracts the creature as Katrina and Abby cast the spell, and Mary’s spirit is finally freed… but not before she points an accusatory finger at Katrina.

Ichabod demands answers, and Katrina tells him the truth about what happened to Mary: after Ichabod’s rejection, Mary asked Katrina to meet with her so she could scream at her about stealing Ichabod away. During all that, Mary ended up tripping, falling, hitting her head, and dying in Katrina’s arms. Afterward, Katrina forged a letter in Mary’s name so Ichabod wouldn’t A) blame himself for Mary’s death, and B) abandon his role as Witness in the war so he could bring Mary’s body back to her family. Damn.

Ichabod feels betrayed, and ticks off all the things his wife has lied to him about – spy for Washington, check, witch, check, had a baby, check, covered up a death and inadvertently created an angry spirit, check. Sadly, Headless appears out of nowhere to interrupt the best Ichabod/Katrina scene in two seasons, and tries to kill Ichabod until Katrina manages to talk him down. “I am ready to go home,” says Katrina, and she’s whisked away again as Abbie and Ichabod look on in horror.

The next day, Hawley returns to his place to find Jenny Mills (yay Jenny!) lounging on his couch, waiting to return his crossbow at Abbie’s request. She also makes out with him a lil bit. Waaait a minute, I thought he was Abbie’s love interest?

Ichabod and Abbie attend Caroline’s wake, where Ichabod expresses his growing lack of trust in Katrina. Katrina, meanwhile, feels the rift growing between her and Ichabod. When Headless tells her he had no part in this plan and “is never happy to see [her] unhappy,” Katrina thanks him with tears in her eyes. Over in the depths of Purgatory, Henry is getting what he deserves from a furious Moloch, who claims he wants Katrina turned to their side because “she is one of the hellfire shards, a chosen vessel.” A chosen vessel for what?! Come on, Sleepy Hollow. Less questions, more answers.


Ichabod: Oh no, no, Miss Mills is my partner – not, not life partner, she’s my – we – oh look, she comes bearing a selection of delicacies from the Far East!

Abbie: Anyone could tell that girl had a case of Crane-on-the-brain.

Henry: [laughing] It’s no trouble. I relish any chance to cause my parents pain.

Ichabod: A missive composed by thumb cannot adequately convey emotion.
Abbie: Hence emoticons.
Ichabod: Oh, yes. A grimacing lemon caricature, that should do the trick. ((Icchie, you’re starting to sound a lot like John Cho in Selfie))

Hawley: That icy wind I’m feeling, is that anything to do with the other day?
Abbie: By “the other day,” you mean when Crane and I asked you to help us take down a vicious child-stealing creature, and you said “no”?

Ichabod: It’s gone! Katrina had sent a bird bearing a message for me.
Abbie: I’m assuming that’s not some colonial euphemism?

Ichabod: Marriage is difficult on the best day. But without trust, without honesty, how can a union between two people hope to survive?

Rating: B+