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‘Reign’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: “The Plague” Is Coming For Your Faves

Reign returned for its second season last night! Check out the rundown of what happened below:

Francis, Lola, and Baby Makes Three

Francis rode off to find Lola at the end of last season, when Mary finally revealed to him Lola’s big secret. He finds her and her baby boy alive and sort-of-well, but there is no time for rest, because the household that took Lola in and midwifed her baby has caught the plague. Francis, Lola, and the baby have to run.

Luckily they don’t run far before they stumble across people that recognize Francis as King (one of them being Francis’s several-times-removed cousin Louis) and help protect them as they make their way back to the castle. Their protection gives Francis and Lola time to talk about their issues, but not enough to actually work things out.

Later Francis discovers that Louis has a secret boat he’s planning to use to escape the plague. Louis urges Francis to put Lola and the baby on the boat so she can start a new life, and Francis agrees… until he actually holds the baby in his arms. That’s when he goes back on his decision and forces Lola and the baby to come back with him to court. FRANCIS YOU AWFUL PERSON.

Ladies-in-Waiting Relationship Drama

The Greer/Leith thing has gotten really, really old to me, but Kenna and Bash remain cute as all get out. Regarding Greer and Leith, Leith discovers his new paramour is Lord Castleroy’s daughter at the exact same time Greer realizes that Leith actually has a new paramour. Unfortunately for Leith, Greer believes that he’s only going after Yvette because of his promise to rise to power and wealth. She tells Lord Castleroy just that, then goes to ask Greer not to meet with Yvette because she wouldn’t be able to handle him being her son-in-law. Ummmmm.

Bash leaves Kenna’s side to do some guardly duties, which leaves poor sweet Kenna to wander the castle trying to rescue her ward Pascal from an entitled noble infected with the plague. The noble gets up in her face spitting angrily at her, which has me really worried that Kenna’s going to become infected. The worry doubles when Kenna later finds Pascal covered in the now dead noble’s blood. A servant walks in right as Kenna is trying to sneak Pascal out, and guards lock her in with a sick Pascal and a very, very dead body.

When Bash realizes she’s missing he runs through the halls looking for her, but ends up opening the wrong door, possibly getting himself infected. He has a premonition of a ghost telling him that he isn’t infected but that the dead don’t know where to go, and that “there will be a reckoning” coming. Hey, Reign, Hannibal called and it wants its cheesy lines back. Afterward, Bash finds the right door, rescues Kenna, and they have a tearful reunion. Aww.

Queens Mary and Catherine vs. The Plague

It’s my royal dream team! Would it be bad of me to hope Francis remains AWOL so Mary and Catherine can continue their rule forever?

It’s not all fun and games at court, though; with the outbreak of plague, Mary and Catherine have to protect the panicked nobles from getting sick while avoiding the illness themselves. On top of that, they’re running out of food – and the guy in charge of delivery is holding out on them unless they approve an assassination he’s planning.

Mary is understandably horrified, and refuses despite Catherine’s warnings. Would-be delivery dude, who I have now named DiGiorno, shows up again to yell at them that they’re killing their people. Apparently the villagers started burning their homes to stop the spread of infection, but the fires spread to their crops, and there’s no food left except for DiGiorno’s secret stash. If he’s so damn worried about the people starving, he could just give them the grain and not bother with his petty murder plots, but no, he’s just gonna be really whiny about it until Mary gives in.

Which she doesn’t, because she’s Mary and she is idealistic and loving, bless her little heart. When Nostradamus arrives to tell them that the house Francis and Lola were at has been burned to the ground, Catherine takes the opportunity to seize power as Queen Regent and do what Mary will not.

Or, well, she tries to. Mary gets to her first, dosing her with something that simulates the symptoms of plague so Catherine will be out of the way. Mary you wily individual. Too bad it’s not enough to stop DiGiorno, who has already poisoned the water supply in the chambers where his assassination target lived. The entire family is dead, along with Leith’s poor young lover Yvette, who had gone there to meet with him. After making sure DiGiorno has signaled for the grain shipments, she locks him in the catacombs with the sick, effectively executing him for murder.

Rating: B+

Memorable Quotes

Kenna: You’re an optimistic fellow, aren’t you.

Catherine: The airs near us will be burned clean. …It worked for the Pope.

Mary: Do not taunt me, not today. I order you as your queen, show your gratitude and then grant me your silence.

Catherine: Welcome to your rule, my Queen. And welcome to the real France.

Mary: I won’t forget about it. I have sacrificed lives before and every one takes me a step further from the person I want to be.
Catherine: The person you are is Queen. And a favor for a favor keeps you on the throne.
Mary: That was your way. And you were right about what you said before, I want to be a different kind of Queen.

Man: They’re already dead. Why make an enemy out of those you need most? What do you gain?
Mary: Justice.