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‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: “White Out”

Elsa is looking for her sister, Anna, and no one in Storybrooke is leaving until she finds her. Elsa is so set on her quest to find her sister that she builds an ice wall at the boundary of Storybrooke, trapping all the townspeople and knocking down a power line causing a black out. Emma and David go and check out the situation and are met by Hook. As they look at the ice wall, Emma says she sees movement and goes in to investigate.

In the flashback portion of the episode, the audience picks up with Anna and her travels to The Enchanted Forest. She meets up with a friend of Kristoff’s who turns out to be David. While with David, Anna helps him find his inner hero while he tries to fend off an evil warlord, Bo Peep. Yes, I said Bo Peep, as in Little Bo Peep. She uses her staff to find her flock, a.k.a. the people who she feels owe her money.

Anna trains David to use a sword all the while telling him her name is Joan in order to protect her secret mission. When David stands up to Bo Peep, after Bo Peep kidnaps Anna, he finds his inner hero. He also gives Anna his horse to continue her quest.

Anna asks David’s mother if many people in The Enchanted Forest have magic and if anyone can help her. His mother says she knows of a powerful wizard who can help her but she dare not say his name. She hands Anna a piece of paper and as she rides off, Anna reads it – it says Rumpelstiltskin.

Back in Storybrooke, Elsa is spooked by David and Hook and walls Emma and herself in the ice block. There, Emma and Elsa bond over the inability to control their powers.

David and Hook track down Bo Peep, who is a butcher in Storybrooke, and takes her staff so they can find anyone she has branded – as she had branded Anna back in The Enchanted Forest. David tells Elsa to find the strength to not be afraid; he tells her that he met her sister Anna long ago and he may have a way to find her. Elsa creates a small tunnel so she and Emma can crawl through and escape.

As Emma warms up, Elsa and David use the staff to find Anna. The staff doesn’t show Anna but they hear a heartbeat – somewhere she is alive.

In another subplot, Mary Margaret has assumed the role of mayor, as Regina is too heartbroken with her failed love life. And as Grumpy said, they fought to restore Mary Margaret’s kingdom to her and this is just an extension of her kingdom.

As the episode closes, Elsa tries to knock down the ice wall but it won’t budge. She is frustrated she can’t do it and puzzled since she is the only one with the power to freeze.

Or is she?

There is another. A woman is shown at the ice cream parlor unconcerned with the power outage melting her ice cream. Why? She has the power to freeze as well. Is she the Ice Queen?