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NBC Cancels ‘A to Z’ and ‘Bad Judge’

nbc cancels a to z and bad judge

Two shows nobody really cared about, A to Z and Bad Judge, were canceled by NBC.

Entertainment Weekly reports that NBC will continue to air both shows but will not produce any more episodes. A to Z and Bad Judge will end with 13 episodes each.

A to Z was a romantic comedy starring Cristin Milioti and Ben Feldman as a seemingly adorkable couple who would date for exactly “8 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, and 1 hour,” as told to us by narrator Katey Sagal. It had a very whimsical tone but the actual comedy fell flat.

Laura T. reviewed the pilot episode of Bad Judge saying, “Bad Judge is not so much bad as it is forcibly adhering to a plot that calls for its judge to be bad.” It starred Private Practice‘s Kate Walsh as a judge with a propensity to behave like a complete train wreck (coming to work with a hangover, having sex in her office, etc.), but managing to get the job done.

Last week, ABC canceled Manhattan Love Story, making it the first casualty of the fall TV season. Things are looking bleak for NBC’s other Tuesday night sitcom, Selfie — as well as Fox’s Mulaney, starring comedian John Mulaney. Fox recently reduced the episode order for Mulaney and, according to the Cancellation Bear, Selfie‘s chances for a second season order is “effectively zero.”

Time for my campaign to get people to watch Selfie! It’s another case of a bad title spelling doom for a genuinely awesome and funny show (see: Cougar Town and Don’t Trust the B).

Seriously, guys. Watch Selfie.