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‘Home Sweet Hell’ Trailer: Katherine Heigl Goes Serial Killer Housewife

In the black comedy Home Sweet Hell, Katherine Heigl plays a Stepford-esque wife whose husband (Patrick Wilson) get his mistress (Jordana Brewster) pregnant, throwing her perfect world into chaos. The solution? Murder… In a creepy upbeat manner reminiscent of Serial Mom with Kathleen Turner.

In this sexy dark-comedy, Don Champagne (Patrick Wilson) has a gorgeous house, beautiful children, a successful business and a domineering, misguided, delusional wife (Katherine Heigl). And when she learns of his seductive new hire Dusty (Jordana Brewster) she will stop at nothing to maintain order as chaos begins to seep into her perfect world and destroy everything she holds dear.

It actually seems like the perfect fit for Heigl, who will play the lead in NBC’s CIA drama State of Affairs next month instead of taking up the mantle of Hollywood’s romcom queen. At least Home Sweet Hell looks better — and funnier — than Heigl’s last movie, The Big Wedding.

Home Sweet Hell doesn’t have an official release date but will probably be available On Demand.