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‘Castle’ Episode 2 Recap: “Montreal”

Richard Castle is back on the case as the second episode of Season 7 begins, but that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t want answers about where he was for two months. And just because Kate Beckett, his daughter Alexis, and mother Martha might believe him when he says he doesn’t remember where he was, it doesn’t mean others will.

In fact, Castle finds himself being grilled by a TV reporter during an interview when all he wants to do is promote his new books. The reporter asks the hard questions just like most cynics in journalism – did he just get cold feet before the wedding or did he use his disappearance as a publicity stunt? Castle is shocked that she asks these questions and that anyone would believe he would leave his fiancé at the alter – but they are valid questions.

Castle is so taken aback by the reporter’s allegations that he offers $250,000 to anyone who can shed light on his disappearance. Beckett warns this will bring out the crazies and, for the most part, it does. Maybe it was just me but I heard Alexis’ inheritance shrink with the reward offer as well as any future Castle children with Beckett. Small price for information, I guess.

When Castle gets chastised by Gates for giving out the precinct’s phone number for his leads, he grabs them from her hand and kisses her. Later he tells Beckett it is a tactic to throw Gates off, in an art of war kind of way, but it just seems off. But I truly think Castle’s bit of off-behavior is a red herring – trying to make the audience believe he is an imposter. No, he isn’t some pod person or 3XK disciple – I think later the writers will chalk all of his behavior to post-traumatic stress disorder as he truly hasn’t dealt with what happened to him.

In fact, Beckett says as much to Lanie as she talks to her early in the episode. She says she chooses to believe him and back him and look for answers. For me, that scene just seemed forced and the writers just wanted to give Tamala Jones, who plays Lanie, more screen time. That screen time could have been better served showing more of Castle and Beckett’s struggles with his return after two months.

The case of the week parallels with what Castle is going through currently. A dead body is found in the river, and it turns out to be the owner of a popular toy company. Just like Castle’s dilemma none of the evidence adds up and each question leads to another.

Meanwhile, Castle wades through the fake leads until one seems to pay off. At last one does as Alexis brings a couple to the precinct who shows them a picture of Castle with the fake Jenkins taken during their honeymoon in Montreal. He is talking to fake Jenkins in front of a bank.

Castle wants to go to Montreal and follow the lead – and it was kind of cute that he asked Beckett if he could go. She wanted to wait until she had time, he wanted to go now, so they send Alexis to look after him.

In Montreal, Castle comes up with a great plan to get into the safety deposit box they believe goes to the key they found in his pants. What is inside the box is Letters to Beckett, Alexis, and Martha and inside the letters are memory cards.

Castle shows Beckett the memory card addressed to her and when they play it, it’s a video message to her. He says if she is watching this he must be dead and he didn’t mean to do this and that he loves her.

Beckett is visibly shaken from watching the video and I think it is one of the first times she truly lets herself BELIEVE what Castle is telling her.

After not having a wild theory all episode, as he is distracted by his own case, Castle finally has a theory and it pays off. All the crazy antics by their murder victim boils down to him researching the fact that his toy store warehouse was used to funnel drugs. He had even purchased a dog that could sniff out drugs.

The dog and drug storyline kind of seemed like a rehashing of an older Castle episode “Embarrassment of Bitches” – just changing the scenery and names.

Castle had asked resident computer whiz Tory to look through the video he filmed for Beckett and she found a faint skyline in the background. After doing some fancy computer look-ups, they realize it was shot in Montreal – the same place the photo of him was taken.

Castle goes to Montreal without telling his family, only to run into fake Jenkins. He is shocked to learn from fake Jenkins that he asked to forget about what happened. And to prove it, Castle told fake Jenkins about what happened to him in the woods when he was 11.

Back home, Castle tells his family what happened and how puzzled he is by the news.

In their bedroom, Beckett and Castle talk about what happened and why he might have done it. Castle suggests they get married right away but Beckett rebuffs him. She prefaces his idea by saying she loves him and isn’t going anywhere but they need to step back and get back to who they are before getting married.

Beckett says let’s take a month just to be us and then revisit it. Castle agrees but he seems a bit upset she wants to wait.

Guess what? The audience is upset about waiting on a marriage as well. Forced drama for drama’s sake with this mysterious Castle storyline and having Beckett and Castle continue to wait to get married is beginning to overshadow the show and is so frustrating.