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ABC Cancels ‘Manhattan Love Story’

manhattan love story canceled

We have our first casualty of the fall TV season — ABC has officially canceled the half-hour sitcom Manhattan Love Story. I reviewed the pilot here and, in short, I was not impressed.

I’m not sure if the series improved or not, since I didn’t bother to watch more episodes, but the ratings certainly didn’t reflect any uptake in quality. Sold as a romantic comedy, Manhattan Love Story centered around an arrogant douchebro played by Greek‘s Jake McDorman and an adorkable Meg Ryans-esque sweetheart played by America’s Next Top Model‘s Analeigh Tipton.

R.I.P. this television season’s romantic comedies? I don’t think A to Z has a long shelf life at NBC.

Manhattan Love Story, having aired only four episodes, will be pulled from ABC’s schedule immediately. This coming Tuesday ABC will air back-to-back episodes of Selfie before deciding what to replace Manhattan Love Story with on a long-term basis.

I know we wrote a semi-scathing review of Selfie‘s pilot, but the show has gotten much, much better. It’s actually funny and you should give it a(nother) shot! Read my recap of the second episode here.

Are you sad to see Manhattan Love Story go? What do you think is next on the chopping block?