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‘The 100’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: “Inclement Weather”

The 100 has resumed its new season with a running start and if the rest of Season 2 is much like these first two episodes, we can expect to be in for a surprise.

“Inclement Weather” starts off with Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) interrogating a now imprisoned Bellamy (Bob Morley) about what happened the night everyone disappeared. Bellamy can only repeat the information he knows so many times to Kane, but Kane persists. Bellamy’s anxious to get out there and look for his people. Kane’s quick to say that they’re his people too and then makes him feel like an incompetent leader when he tells Bellamy that there were actually a lot more bullets in the depot. Bellamy and Clarke just didn’t look hard enough. They don’t get too far into the discussion when Murphy’s (Richard Harmon) abruptly brought in and imprisoned right next to Bellamy. This should be interesting.

As soon as Murphy’s tied up, gunshots are heard outside and the Ark soldiers and Kane run out. A random man opened fire without permission because he swore he saw something. This makes Kane set the rule that the unauthorized use of firearms is a punishable offense, but he also moves a team of soldiers out to sweep the woods and look for the kids.

Down in Mount Weather, everything seems to be going all fine and dandy up until an alarm sounds because a surface patrol is back in and in need of medical attention. Curious, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) follows the alarm with Jasper (Devon Bostick) right behind her. They both see a body that has been shot with a bullet, indicating that someone is out there with guns. Grounders don’t use guns, so Clarke assumes it must be the Ark. Just then, they bring in another man who’s been heavily burned. Cut to the new opening title sequence which looks amazing, if I may add.

Abby (Paige Turco) gives Raven (Lindsey Morgan) the news that her chances of survival are slim because the bullet’s pressing down on her spine. They can either leave it in, but she’ll never walk again, or they can perform a surgery to take it out and she might be able to walk. The only problem is that they have no anesthesia. Like a true badass, she tells them she’ll go through with the surgery. Before the surgery, she’s so terrified that she tells them to stop as soon as they’re about to begin. She grips onto Finn’s (Thomas McDonell) hand tightly and admits that she’s scared.

raven the 100

As much as I’m not a huge fan of what Finn did to Raven and I think both Raven and Clarke deserve much better, I can’t picture anyone else to sit by her and comfort her as she’s going through this painful time other than her childhood friend. The surgery begins and her screams rip through the quiet of the Ark.

Murphy and Bellamy overhear her screams, which spurs their resentment for each other. Bellamy believes Murphy to be a traitor, but Murphy reveals that he only gave away their location to the Grounders after three days of being tortured. Bellamy seems to feel badly about this. Outside, everyone can also hear Raven’s screams, but they’re soon interrupted with a new kind. Some soldiers of the Ark venture into the woods to find three of their men have been killed and one is still barely alive.

In Mount Weather, Clarke asks President Dante (Raymond J. Barry) about the bullet wound and if her people are outside, but he tells her that it wasn’t a bullet wound, but an arrow wound. He tries to get her to believe these lies, but she doesn’t back down. She asks to see the body and the burned man. They allow her to see the body, but only people in medical can see the other man. When they show her the exit wound, it looks like an arrow wound. To further their point, they even show Clarke the arrow. They’re pretty good at covering their lies. I’m sorry, I just don’t like them. Clarke needs to get the hell out.

Back up in space, Jaha’s (Isaiah Washington) following the sound of a baby’s cries until he finds the source. He finds a baby hidden away in a small shelf. Now that he has a baby to save, he needs to find a way to get him to the ground. That way is by going out into space and getting into a missile that can eventually be sent down to Earth.

After Raven’s surgery, Kane visits Abby and they discuss how courageous these kids are. Kane won’t send Bellamy or a search team out until he knows what they’re truly up against. Abby pleads with him that enough damage has already been done and they need to find the remaining 48 before anything else happens to them. Despite this, he continues to refuse.

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Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), who’s still separated from pretty much everyone, including Lincoln (Ricky Whittle), wakes to find another Grounder forcing her to drink some kind of medicine. She passes out again and wakes to find the same man who introduces himself as Lincoln’s friend, Nyko (Ty Olsson). “You can stand, good. Cause now you should run.” He tells her that Lincoln’s answering for what he’s done. The Grounders are vulnerable if the Reapers come to fight with them all because Lincoln chose to help Octavia. He will pay with his life. As soon as Nyko turns around, Octavia hits him on the back of the head with a rock and uses him to trade with Lincoln. The Grounders can’t risk losing Nyko because he’s their only healer.

Now that Raven’s awoken from her surgery, Abby tests to see if she got any significant nerve damage. She can feel everything on her right leg just fine, but only feels above her knee on the left. Raven will need crutches, but at least she’s alive and not in pain. Despite Abby’s reassurance, Raven cries because she’s “still crippled.” Finn attempts to make her feel better by joking around, “We always talk about you. Don’t you wanna hear about my day?” and he succeeds because he makes her laugh. She quickly sobers up, forgets about herself, and tells him that he needs to go out and look for their friends.

Despite the fact that she saw the wound, Clarke’s still suspicious of Mount Weather and is sure that they’re hiding something. Unfortunately, everyone’s starting to think she’s a little crazy because she can’t get behind the fact that they’re safe, warm, and being fed. Jasper says, “Right now, the biggest threat to us is you.”

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In true Gravity-style, Jaha ventures into space despite the fact that his helmet is just slightly cracked. Just as he’s about to get into the missile, the helmet cracks even more and pops open. He barely makes it into the missile and closes it quickly. When he checks to see if the baby’s in his space suit, it’s not there! He’s starting to lose it when he hallucinates his son Wells (Eli Goree). Wells is there to tell him to not give up, no matter how much he wants to. “Our people still need you…Your life can be more than impossible decisions and a tragic end. You can choose to live. I’m always with you, Dad.” Seeing his son again ignites his decision to go down to the ground and he makes it. He arrives laughing on sandy land. Now he just has to make his way over to where everyone else is.

True to her word, the Grounder leader exchanges Lincoln for Nyko, but just as Lincoln’s about to reach Octavia, Reapers attack. Octavia ends up getting hit pretty badly on the head, but she doesn’t black out until after she sees Lincoln and Nyko getting taken away by the Reapers.

That night, Finn breaks both Bellamy and Murphy out so they can go out and look for the others. They agree to taking Murphy only because he knows where the Grounders’ site is. It’s not until they reach the woods when it’s revealed that Abby set up this group to go look for Clarke, Miller, and the others. She equips them with guns and watches them leave.

Clarke seems to be at a standstill about what to do until she sees the burned man on his way to get another treatment. She gets the brilliant idea to cut open her stitches so she can get back into medical and then be able to talk to him about what really happened when the man was shot. She’s admitted, but when she tries to speak to him, she realizes that he’s unconscious and connected to some sort of machine that runs to a back room. Clarke goes even further in and finds two dangling bodies suspended in midair also attached to machines that seem to be sucking their blood. Along with them, there are cages of people, seemingly Grounders that have been taken. One of the caged people is Anya (Dichen Lachman).

Along with every episode, “Inclement Weather” just left me in suspense and filled me with trepidation of what’s to come next. Will Clarke and Anya get out? Will Bellamy, Finn, and Murphy find them? I don’t know!

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