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‘The Mindy Project’ Episode 2 Recap: “Annette Castellano Is My Nemesis”

We’re finally introduced to Danny’s mother, Mrs. Castellano herself, played by the very talented Rhea Perlman.

Can I just say something about her performance? It was amazing. Staten Island accent and all. Max Minghella as Richie also makes an appearance to tie up the family together. Anyway, she has no idea that Danny has a girlfriend and assumed that Mindy is just his cleaning lady. Danny’s avoided telling his “Ma” about Mindy because he’s scared about how she might act, she hasn’t dealt well with his previous girlfriends. He eventually tells her about Mindy and she invites Mindy to her birthday brunch the next day. Mindy can’t seem to make it because she has a C-section scheduled at the same time, but Peter ends up covering for her and she arrives to the brunch unannounced. It seems like Mrs. Castellano only invited Mindy to be nice, but wasn’t actually wanting her to go.

At the brunch, Mindy attempts her 4 step plan to win “Ma’s” heart. I love Mindy’s plans. 1) Compliment her. 2) Find common ground. 3) Come bearing gifts. 4) Agree with everything she says. These steps seem to have worked, up until the moment Mindy disagrees with her just once. She sticks up for Danny when Mrs. Castellano gets angry that he bought her a much nicer oven than the one she has now and the fact that some random man installed it that morning and now knows the layout of her house. Because she feels so badly, Mindy visits her at her work cleaning hotels. They have a heart to heart about Danny and both come to terms with each other. Mrs. Castellano agrees to be a little lighter on Danny and tells Mindy that she’s glad he’s finally found a woman that can take care of him. He’s always had to take care of everyone else.

Meanwhile, Peter’s still upset over his girlfriend Lauren cheating on him with Jeremy, so he attempts to sabotage Morgan and Tamra’s relationship. Tamra’s been having Morgan change some of his lifestyle choices, from peeing sitting down to giving away all of his dogs because of her allergy. Peter doesn’t find this fair and eventually ends up giving Tamra a really bad allergic reaction when he holds a dog up to her face. After Morgan saves her, they talk to Peter about what’s really going on here and how he has to move on from what happened with Lauren. Morgan gives him one of his dogs to help him cope.

The episode concludes with Mrs. Castellano thanking Danny for the present before they and Mindy have a small family dinner together. And I’m actually really fond of the way the episodes have been ending. They’re ending with some sort of Danny and Mindy talk. I love that despite the fact that they’re together now, that sense of romance, that spark between them didn’t fizzle out. Their relationship is as cute and realistic as ever.


  • “Your mother loves me.” “She thinks you’re my cleaning lady.” – Mindy and Danny
  • “One Thanksgiving, a little boy thought I was the little Dora the Explorer balloon.” – Mindy
  • “I know this great frozen yogurt place nearby. I, myself, can’t go. I’ve been banned for sample fraud.” – Mindy
  • “Happy bromitzvah. Mazelbrov.” – Peter
  • Morgan owns 40 dogs!
  • “I can’t have a dog. I get jealous that they can lick their own junk.” – Peter