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Soul-Sensation Jessie Ware Releases Video for “Say You Love Me”

I’m not going to lie. I love Jessie Ware. Her voice is everything: soulful, smooth, and emotive. She deserves to be a massive star. Which is why I’m assuming her record label hooked her up with fellow Brit, Ed Sheeran, who is kinda cool and can write very good songs. And the result is the stunning “Say You Love Me,” Ware’s second single off of her upcoming sophomore album Tough Love.

This is a massive love song, during which Ware practically begs her partner to tell her if he loves her. The harmonies, the phrasing, the build— all perfect. Let me put it this way, if Sam Smith would have recorded this song you’d already have heard it six hundred times.

And then today, the video was released and… Jessie sits on a rock the entire time. Sure, she still works the hell out of her face, but this song screamed epic, moving video. Even if they didn’t have a budget, they could have, I don’t know, had Jessie singing to her lover who is in a coma, not knowing if he’ll ever wake up to tell her he loves her again. Or Jessie staring into a window as her husband cheats on her. Or even Jessie just getting up off of that damn rock! (I realize my ideas are terrible, but you get my point, right?)

But whatever. Jessie Ware can sit on that rock for every single she releases until she retires and I will still buy the shit out of her albums. And you should too.

Tough Love is out October 21st. Pre-order it on iTunes.