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Sleepy Hollow 2×02 ‘The Kindred’ Recap: Mission Save Katrina Commences

Ichabod and Abbie hatch a desperate plan to rescue Katrina from the Headless Horseman that involves a Frankenstein-type monster created by Benjamin Franklin. Meanwhile, Frank’s revelation about his encounter with a demon gets him in more trouble; and Jenny clashes with the new sheriff.

“The Kindred” opens up with Headless (can I still call him that since he’s apparently going to be showing up as Abraham With A Head a lot?) dragging Katrina into some dark arcane ritual thing. Whatever it is, it involves fire and human skulls, which can never be a good combo. As Headless shackles Katrina to some wooden posts, War/Henry Parrish/Jeremy Crane shows up and starts Evil Speech-ing his way through an explanation: Headless intends on making Katrina his bride. By cutting her head off.

Right as Headless swings his axe, we zoom out to find that this is only happening in Ichabod’s nightmare – but it has a very real possibility of happening in real life, too, because that exact ritual has been prophesied in a lost Bible passage. Abbie outlines the plan for Ichabod (and us): they’ve narrowed down the areas Headless could have escaped to, and with Ichabod’s inside knowledge of how Abraham worked, they can rescue Katrina before the big ritual.

Abbie is called away to work, where she meets Sheriff Reyes (House of Cards‘ Sakina Jaffrey), newly appointed after former Captain Frank Irving’s unfortunate murder confession. Reyes comes off as very capable and has a past with Abbie’s family, having “responded to a few calls” when Abbie was younger. Here’s hoping she finds out about the supernatural shit sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, Ichabod has figured out where Headless and Katrina could be – Dob’s Ferry, where Katrina had once accepted Abraham’s proposal. They arrive right at sundown, confirm that Headless and Katrina are inside, then retreat to the cabin with Jenny to come up with a plan. While they’re researching, they find records of The Kindred (episode title alert! Take a shot, everyone), a “creature assembled from the parts of deceased soldiers… believed to be a match for the Horseman of Death.” Benjamin Franklin, Washington, and Katrina’s coven, the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart, united ages ago to create The Kindred. Now, Abbie, Ichabod, and Jenny can complete the spell.

Abbie and Jenny have legitimate concerns with this game plan (at one point they mention that the last time they went on a mission to save Katrina it didn’t end well, and Ichabod’s adamancy that he knows what he’s doing makes me think this is definitely going to be a Big Theme later on) but Ichabod is determined, and they don’t really have any other ideas… so Kindred it is.

Abbie goes to visit Irving in prison, gives him a quick, detail-less rundown of what’s been going on, and asks him where Headless’ head is. Turns out Irving put it in a safety deposit box at the bank. Genius! Even more so because it gives us another hilarious Ichabod In The 21st Century scene. He and Abbie successfully get the head.

Jenny’s mission of gathering up their weapons cache is interrupted when Reyes walks into the Archives, begins to question her, and ends up arresting her when she finds the weapons in Jenny’s bag. Abbie and Ichabod are unable to get her out, and Reyes moves on to interrogate Irving about the murders he confessed to. At Abbie’s suggestion, Irving tries to get a plea of insanity in, but Reyes sees through his bullshit. Unfortunately she’s interpreting it as a former police officer scheming to cheat the lie detector and get better digs than his current prison cell.

Poor Katrina is still locked up with Headless-With-A-Head, who’s doing his very best to poison Katrina against Ichabod and Abbie. There’s even a flashback to Ichabod and Abbie’s “I will come back for you” hug in s1. My face right now, you guys. My face. Katrina’s not buying it – though she does look contemplative – and Headless tells her it doesn’t matter if she wants to be with him or not, he’s gonna chop her head off anyway.

Elsewhere in Sleepy Hollow, Jeremy Crane meets with Moloch in his lair. Moloch is very unhappy with Jeremy’s performance thus far. Moloch doesn’t seem like a very nice boss. Jeremy skitters off to plot with Headless. Katrina listens in as un-sneakily as possible, which is when Jeremy reveals part one of his master plan: destroy Ichabod and Abbie when they come to save Katrina.

With Jenny out for the count, Abbie and Ichabod explore the tombs alone (and also have a heart to heart about Abbie’s ordeal in Purgatory while they do it. Yay multitasking!) They find The Kindred and reanimate him using the Horseman’s head, as Headless and Jeremy’s knight-demon-with-flame-sword prepare for battle.

Before Headless leaves, Katrina manipulates him with promises of love in the future. Ichabod rushes in to save Katrina as Headless is distracted with The Kindred, but Katrina tells him that she wants to stay to collect information – that she’s managed to convince him to delay the ritual. Aw, Katrina.

Outside, Abbie and Knight Dude join the big battle. The Kindred manages to incapacitate Headless, but decides to rescue Abbie from the Knight rather than deliver the killing blow. Abbie shows up to collect Ichabod, and they and The Kindred make their escape. Katrina continues to emotionally manipulate Headless, which continues to make me like her.

Ichabod and Abbie reconvene at the cabin for some semi-celebratory tea. Abbie goes to visit her sister Jenny at the police station to comfort her, while Sheriff Reyes has keyed on to the fact that something strange is happening in Sleepy Hollow – and she has come to Irving for answers. Unfortunately, before she can get anything more than the usual “THE END IS NIGH” speech, Jeremy freaking Crane walks in, pretending to be Irving’s lawyer and getting him to sign a suspicious contract in blood. NO. NO NO NO.

Memorable Quotes:

Abbie: Not exactly up to Martha Stewart’s standards.
Ichabod: …Martha who?
Abbie: She’s big in the wedding industry.
Ichabod: [scandalized] Wedding industry.

Ichabod: [Abraham] once referred to the Palace of Versailles as ‘quaint’.

Ichabod: Lieutenant, you must trust me when I say I have not forgotten our duty as Witnesses. But I do have another duty, to my wife. I intend to honor them both.

Abbie: This is insane!
Ichabod: So much of my life can be characterized under those auspices.
Abbie: You and I are considering making a carbon copy of the Headless Horseman.
Jenny: Except with a head.

Abraham: Ichabod is alive. And free. And what did he choose to do with his freedom? Did he search the ends of  the earth to find his beloved wife? No. He rescued another woman, Abigail Mills. Couldn’t stand to see her trapped in Purgatory for mere hours, and yet, how long did he leave you to rot there? Ichabod once claimed to care about me too, but he moved on. And now he has moved on again.

Abbie: You put the Headless Horseman’s head in a bank?

Abbie: It’s nice to know that even a man from the 18th century won’t ask for help with directions.

Abbie: That’s what scares me. My faith in you is my greatest weakness. [cue Christine making loud screeching noise for several minutes]

Abbie: Meet our new best friend: Franklin-stein’s monster.

Abbie: So do we need to light candles or something?
Ichabod: Only if you wish to set the mood.

Rating: B+