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‘Playing it Cool’ Trailer: Chris Evans Does A Romantic Comedy

Playing it Cool, which was filmed by director Justin Reardon back in 2012, is an upcoming movie starring Chris Evans and True Detective‘s Michelle Monaghan. At first, it appears to be a meta-esque social commentary on the romantic comedy sub-genre, but you quickly realize from the trailer that it’s nothing more than a stereotypical romcom.

Evans plays a young man – a screenwriter – who doesn’t believe in love and has had many a failed relationship, but is forced to write for a romantic comedy anyway. Of course, when he ends up meeting the right woman, “Her,” a.k.a. Monaghan’s character, that’s when his whole perspective on love changes. The only problem is that she already has a boyfriend, played by Ioan Gruffudd.

Playing it Cool is a little painful in just how stereotypical and generic it all looks, so it’s anyone’s guess how it managed to assemble such a terrific cast. It has Anthony Mackie, Aubrey Plaza, Luke Wilson, Topher Grace, Martin Starr, and Giovanni Ribisi. This past April, Mackie and Evans both starred in the blockbuster hit, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Playing it Cool doesn’t have a release date.