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Haven 5×01 “See No Evil” Recap

In the season five premiere of Haven, William is gone but Mara has arrived. Why is that bad? Because Mara, who – along with William – initiated the troubles centuries ago, has taken over (or back, if you want to look at it that way) Audrey Parker’s body.

Those in the lighthouse when it exploded, Nathan, Audrey (Mara), Duke, Vince, Dave, Dwight and Jennifer were flung to the corners of Haven. We see where all of them land except Jennifer, and Duke spends the episode searching for her. She isn’t found after the first episode ends.

At first everyone believes Jennifer is shutting down the thin spots, five areas they think Mara might go to where she can open a portal. Near the end of the episode Mara tells Nathan Jennifer is only a conduit and not someone who has the power to open or close a portal.

Meanwhile, people are having their eyes and mouth sewn shut with leather straps. They are so firmly sewn that no doctor can undue it. Most believe it is Mara doing this, but it is soon discovered it isn’t her.

In fact this certain trouble has been non-existent in Haven for decades. Why are extinct troubles returning? Because Duke carries all the troubles within him and they are leaking out. Old troubles becoming new again.

Nathan spends the episode looking for his Audrey, now Mara. When he catches up her the second time, their first meeting she beat him up and fled, she does so again. Holding a gun on him, Nathan baits her – telling Mara to pull the trigger. He believes Audrey is in Mara and won’t let her do it.

It was a bad gamble for Nathan, as Mara shoots him in the shoulder. As he lie on the ground, Mara looks like she is about to finish him off, but a look crosses her face. Is it Audrey making her presence known? Her change of expression, for a fleeting moment, gives audience hope that Audrey might return.

As for the upcoming season, how long will the audience put up with evil Mara before wanting Audrey back. I am sure Emily Rose, who plays Audrey/Mara, is enjoying playing the villain but the audience tune in to see Audrey and Audrey with Nathan.