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The Leftovers 1×03 “Two Boats and a Helicopter” Recap

Episode three of The Leftovers takes a page from the Lost brand of storytelling. The first two episodes of the series spent its time introducing all its characters; episode three spends its time focusing on one character and telling his story. Reverend Matt Jamison is the focus of “Two Boats and a Helicopter.”

In the episode we learn the Reverend’s church is struggling as he has decided to highlight some of the people who were taken two years ago. Who is he highlighting? He is making fliers pointing out the people who were not as moral or squeaky clean and still got taken he assumes to heaven.

This throwing of stones doesn’t sit well with the community which leads to his flock discontinuing coming to his church. This leads to the Reverend unable to pay the mortgage to his church which in turn puts him in his current situation – in danger of losing his church to the bank.

We also learn his wife was a casualty during That Day but not the way the audience thinks. She was driving that day and when people just disappeared she got into an accident. She hit her head and is in a vegetative state – another expense the Reverend is dealing with trying to care for her.

In a madcap segment of scenes, the Reverend decides to try his hand at gambling to win enough money to save his church. He needs $135,000 by the end of the next business day or a mysterious buyer will scoop up the church and the land. At first the Reverend goes to his sister for help – his sister turns out to be the woman in the pilot who lost her husband and two children. She refuses him – plenty of family drama – and he comes up with an alternate plan, gambling.

The Reverend “borrows” $20,000 buried in the back yard of the sheriff’s father’s backyard and heads to the casino. Playing red at the roulette table four straight times, he wins $160,000 and it seems his church will be saved.

After a run-in with a sleaze bag who tries to steal his money, the Reverend goes into a rage and beats the guy to a pulp, he speeds off in euphoria. As he heads to the bank, one of the Guilty Remnant members are hit by a rock and he stops to help. In doing so, the group who hit the GR also hits him with a rock.

After hallucinating for a bit, going through parts of his life, the Reverend wakes up in a hospital. He rushes out as he nurse tells him it is 4:30 p.m. believing he has 30 minutes to get to the bank and save his church.

When he gets there, he finds out yeah it is just 10 minutes after five, and he had to the end of business day, but that was three days ago. He missed his chance and now the buyer has taken charge of his church. Who bought the church? The Guilty Remnant.

This was a decent episode, at least more interesting than the previous two. However, it still felt like the audience came late to the party and there are so many holes I feel like I am dodging plot holes left and right. I’m still waiting for the hook for this show, but feel like it may never come.