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The Leftovers 1×02 “Penguin One, Us Zero” Recap

The second episode of The Leftovers did nothing to entice fans for seconds. Two percent of the world’s population just vanishes and all this show proves is it’ll be a boring place to live.

Sure, there are three factions: those who try to continue and live a normal life, those who join or are stalked until they join the Guilty Remnant group or those who follow a zealot who likes to rape young Asian girls to gain some sort of mystical power.

The sheriff trying to live with being one of the people left behind is trying to keep the peace while reeling in his teenage daughter, attempting to contact his son who has fallen in with the strange zealot and still trying to come to terms with his wife leaving him to join the Guilty Remnant.

It sounds like there is a lot going on, right? Wrong. People just wander through the town and the audience is dished out small pieces of clues with no intention of showing the whole picture.

The young woman stalked until joining the Guilty Remnant is questioned by the town sheriff after her fiance reports her missing but she just shrugs and says she is there looking for answers. Well, guess what, sweetheart? So is the audience.

The most annoying part of the show is the members of the Guilty Remnant who chain smoke and have taken a vow of silence. As an actor, that must be a sweet gig. All you have to do is gesture and know how to write on a small tablet – their form of communication.

Nothing happened in the second episode of the season just like nothing had a hook in the series premiere. It makes me wish I was one of the two percent taken – maybe they are leading exciting afterlives.

  • I think part of the beauty of this show is that it’s stark, and leaves a lot to be interpreted. If you want something flashy and big picture then maybe you should start watching something else? The lives that these people are left with are complicated, and I find Garvey’s storyline to be really engaging. To each her own, right?

  • Bundu

    Yup, it has a very interesting concept, but the show isn’t delivering. I hover between being bored (when I watch the normal townsfolk), or incredible annoyed (when the Guilty Remnant is onscreen). I just keep wishing the town goes all pitchforms and torches on them.

  • Lyka

    The Guilty Remnant is so ANNOYING it makes it almost UNBEARABLE to watch. They don’t look cool, mysterious or even serve a deeper purpose, just a bunch of pointless, psycho cult followers, with a cult that doesn’t even make sense. The basis of the show has so much promise, I hope they use it to its full potential, it’s only been 3 episodes so far.