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Trailer: Clive Owen Stars in Cinemax Original Series “The Knick”

Steven Soderbergh (Side Effects, Ocean’s Eleven) directs Clive Owen, Steve Garfanti, and André Holland in Cinemax’s new original series, based around the staff that performed groundbreaking surgeries at New York City’s Knickerbocker Hospital in the 1900s.

It’s 1900, when amazing technological advances are opening up the field of medicine to new lifesaving procedures that would have been unimaginable a mere decade ago. The Knickerbocker Hospital is an antiquated institution being dragged, sometimes painfully, into the 20th Century under the visionary tutelage of head surgeon, John W. Thackery (Owen).

When Cornelia pressures Thackery into accepting African-American surgeon, Algernon Edwards, as his new assistant chief of surgery, the newly integrated hospital faces a whole new raft of challenges from its patients, many of whom would rather die than accept treatment from a man of color. For the brilliantly innovative Thackery, it’s just another distraction from his single-minded purpose — to initiate radical new procedures that will ultimately save lives, whether his patients hail from the highest corridors of power or the lowest tenements in New York. [x]

I’m getting mild Penny Dreadful vibes off this trailer, which is weird since The Knick seems to be grounded in history rather than supernatural happenings. It’s probably got something to do with the music. Or the bowls of bloody sponges. Either way, the trailer piqued enough of my interest that I’ll probably tune in for an episode or two (a nurse was holding a sawed off arm at one point. Y’all know I’m always here for good gore.)

The Knick premieres on August 8th on Cinemax at 10PM.