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Continuum 3×13 “Last Minute” Season Finale Recap: Kiera Fights The System

Season three of Continuum ended with Kiera Cameron finally admitting a truth that had been nibbling at her conscious all season, and probably before – she has been asleep, not really “seeing” what is going on around her. A good solider, working for the corporations, Kiera did her job and went home to her family. She had a feeling some of the things she did weren’t possibly above board – but why fight the system?

Well, Kiera is finally fighting the system. She realizes she has backed the wrong Alec Sadler and rectified that by freeing the one she helped cage. However, the time traveling Alec can’t ride off into the sunset with Emily, as the darker Alec seeks him out and has his hit squad riffle the other Alec’s hotel room with bullets. The time traveling Alec now knows he can’t escape his other self and something must be done.

This leads time traveling Alec back to Kiera and in turn leads Kiera to turn to LIBER8’s Travis, Garza and Lucas for help. They target darker Alec’s big release announcement of the faulted HALO bracelet to make a switch – replacing this Alec with the time-traveling Alec.

The plan goes well, as they trade out Alec in the elevator after what seems like a failed assassination attempt, all thanks to some knock out drug and time-traveling Alec hiding above the elevator car.

Carlos is in on the plot and he is in charge of whisking darker Alec away but we all know how smart Alec is and he is found by his detail and saved from Carlos.

Time-traveling Alec furiously works to destroy the anti-matter lab and erasing information when darker Alec arrives and the two begin to fight. Kiera, Garza and Travis move furiously to reach time-traveling Alec and extract him.

Kiera is too late, however, as the two Alec’s meet for the final time on the rooftop of the Piron building and time-traveling Alec kills darker Alec by stabbing him with a piece of the time-traveling device.

The remaining Alec and Kiera have a heart-warming moment and then he tells Kiera he isn’t going with her – he is staying at the company to try an un-do the things darker Alec has done.

Kiera meets back up with Brad Tonkin, previously the John Doe that was later revealed to be from an alternate future. The duo has grown close, both realizing they will probably never find their way back to their respective times and finding solace with each other.

Brad tells Kiera he has a device the can activate to see if the events that transpired, to change the future, worked. After deliberation they decide to activate it.

As they wait for the beacon, hoping no one answers, the remaining Alec attempts to have Matthew Kellogg removed from the company. Kellogg, always seeming to be one step ahead, had one-upped the other Alec, as the remaining Alec finds out, and has slowly been having the darker Alec sign documents effectively giving Kellogg control of the company.

As Alec is being escorted from the building, Kiera and Brad seem relieved when no one answers the beacon he turned on. They believe they have changed the future until lights in the city begin to go out and a portal opens and large robot beings emerge as the screen fades to black.

It took a while for this season to reveal its purpose and in the end it was a fun journey. I did wonder why they moved Kiera farther and farther away from looking to return to her son. I did also notice she didn’t even speak of her husband anymore and made me wonder if her relationship him he was as close as we were first lead to believe.

It will be interesting to see where the series goes should it get a fourth season.