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The Mindy Project 2×22 “Danny and Mindy” Recap

Mindy finally gets her romantic-comedy ending in this Season 2 finale, with none other than Danny, the man she hated strongly disliked in Season 1. I believe, if she had had the opportunity to watch this, Nora Ephron would’ve been very proud… and probably would’ve been squealing and crying with the rest of us.

The episode starts off with Mindy making a cute little connection with a random man on the subway. A week later though, as she’s reading the “Was It You?” section in the newspaper, she and Danny are surprised to find that she’s in there and is trying to be found by that same man on the subway. He, Andy, attaches his email in order for her to contact him.

Despite telling Danny that she won’t contact him, she does and he responds quite quickly. In true You’ve Got Mail form, they start sending each other more emails. Mindy’s now dating Detective Charlie, and just like Meg Ryan, is keeping these emails from him. Andy tells Mindy of the coffee shop he usually frequents, another callback, and he finally tells her that they should meet in person. She agrees to meet him at the Empire State Building after her dinner date with Charlie.

So far, we’ve been led to believe that it’s really been Andy sending her these emails, but in reality, it’s been Danny the whole time! He admits to Morgan and Tamra that he and Mindy dated before and he’s only doing all this so that maybe she’ll realize she’s still in love with him.

On Mindy’s date with Charlie, he tells her that he went snooping through her phone and saw her emails and he completely understands that she might have feelings for this new guy Andy. He very kindly breaks up with her and tells her to pursue Andy.

Meanwhile, Danny’s getting ready to meet up with Mindy (he’s dressing up like Bradley Cooper because he knows Mindy likes him), when she interrupts him by arriving at his apartment demanding for his help to cut out a piece of gum she got caught in her hair. She hangs around for a little while longer and ends up admitting to him that she thinks he was right about them not being together. “You said that guys don’t break up with girls they secretly wanna be with. And then I knew, for certain, that you didn’t want me…I learned in time that you weren’t right for me either. We are who we are and that won’t change.” She leaves to go meet up with Andy, but because of what she said, Danny makes the decision to not go and meet her. She stays the entire night in the cold and rain in the hopes that she’ll meet him.

Danny feels horrible about what he did, so he decides to visit a bed-ridden Mindy and bring her some soup to make her feel better (another callback to You’ve Got Mail). She regrets going to the ESB last night and wished she had just stayed in with Danny. She wants him to stay so badly with her that she offers to do any boring thing he wants to do, but he decides on watching When Harry Met Sally.

Cue a Danny voiceover (we need more of these) and a montage of Danny and Mindy walking around New York and visiting Rom-Com-worthy sites. “Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing. Especially when you really don’t want to, but maybe it’s okay. Anyone can say, ‘I’m sorry, Mindy, for catfishing you with the man of your dreams.’ It takes a real man to march around Manhattan visiting every place Meg Ryan ever laugh-cried. And I get to see New York through her eyes and man, was it white, but it wasn’t so bad. It was kinda nice. And I got to show her a little bit of my New York and I think she liked it.

After what was probably a few weeks, Danny and Mindy see Andy on their subway ride. She attacks him for standing her up, so Danny’s forced to admit that he’s been Andy all along. She’s furious. Danny finally tells Mindy that he loves her in their office’s restroom, but she doesn’t believe him. “Because you love me until you don’t. I’m not gonna do that again, Danny. I want something real.” He says he’ll prove his love for her if she’ll just meet him at the Empire State Building at 8. Mindy refuses because she doesn’t want to be the “stupidest person in the world.”

She stays true to her promise for about an hour until the office tries to convince her to go meet him. Peter takes her into Danny’s office and shows her that he’s kept her earrings and will occasionally take them out and stare at them. This is enough to get her to go, but when she arrives at the ESB, she finds out that the elevators don’t work so she has to climb up 104 flights of stairs.

Meanwhile, the office is on their way to get some drinks when they find Danny at a restaurant about to eat a pizza. He was at the ESB for an hour until he gave up. They urge him to go meet her because she’s on her way. And just like Harry ran to get Sally, Danny also starts running to get Mindy. Mindy’s struggling to make it up all the stairs and Danny’s furious running is set to Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark.” Ah, the things they do for love.

Danny ends up making it before Mindy because the elevator worked for him, but he can’t find her. He runs around looking for her until he comes to the conclusion that he’s officially lost her. He whispers, “I’m sorry, Mindy,” as all hope seems to have been lost. That is, until he hears the sound of Mindy’s painful gasps for air. He turns around slowly (pretty sure he even had a few tears in his eyes too) to find Mindy lying down on the floor. He lies down right next to her. She asks him, “Why did you make me come to this stupid place?” “Because you love it. And I love you.”

Danny tells her they should go get something to eat, their first date. They then start quarreling like an old married couple about how many kids they want to have (Mindy wants 9 girls, Danny wants 1 boy). As Mindy starts naming the girls’ names after the muses, Danny interrupts her by kissing her. They continue to make out on the floor and Danny even uses his signature butt grab on her.

And that is the perfect ending to Season 2.

Memorable Moments

“I haven’t seen you smile this much since you found out you’re younger than Katie Holmes.” “That old bag.” – Danny & Mindy

“Don’t click on that, you’ll get a virus.” – Danny

“I had a thing with Salinger. He based the prostitute in Catcher in the Rye on me.” – Beverly

“I am a hot, smart woman with an ass that doesn’t quit.” – Mindy

Danny’s physical comedy is so great. “Screw you, Bradley Cooper!”

“I’ll order whatever gave her an orgasm.” – Danny

“I’m meeting the maybe love of my life.” “You’re gonna have to take the stairs. There’s 104 floors.” “I can talk to him tomorrow.” – Mindy & the ESB security guard

“I wanna go all in.” “Really? In public with all these people? Alright.” – Danny & Mindy