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Edgar Wright Exits Marvel’s “Ant-Man” Over Creative Differences

Edgar Wright, the director of the Cornetto trilogy and Scott Pilgrim, has left Ant-Man.

His “amicable” departure was reportedly due to creative differences between Wright and Marvel Studios. This comes as quite the shock since Wright has been involved with the project for almost a decade and was the driving force behind Ant-Man getting made.

There’s no doubt that Wright leaving Ant-Man is a pretty big blow to the film. For me, Edgar Wright was pretty much the only thing holding my (and many others’) interest for the movie since Ant-Man isn’t the most exciting or clamored for Marvel superhero. Not to mention it’s yet another Marvel movie led by a white male.

It’ll be interesting to see who Marvel chooses to replace Edgar Wright. Whoever it is definitely won’t be bringing Wright’s unique directing style to the film.

Wright’s departure hasn’t affected the release date of the film, which is still set for July 17, 2015.