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‘Castle’ Episode 23 Recap: “For Better or For Worse”

I always scoffed at people’s tired and incessant parallels between the shows Castle and Bones. Then Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller, who wrote the season six finale of Castle “For Better or For Worse,” wrote this tired diatribe.

After building up to a wedding all of season six, there wasn’t one. And to make it worse the episode ended with Richard Castle in a fiery car crash presumed dead.

I am assuming the start of season seven will be either trying to find out what happen to Castle or find his supposed killer. This conveniently allows Nathan Fillion, who plays Castle, to possibly miss the first few days of season seven so he can mess around at Comic-Con in San Diego and relive his glory days of the failed series Firefly that didn’t last as long as a deep breath.

So, Castle and Beckett were separated for part of the episode and then that ending…

Three days before she gets married, Kate Beckett finds out as a Stanford freshman she went on a drunken trip to Vega. She thought it would be a joke to go to a drive thru chapel with her then boyfriend Rogan O’Leary. Really, that is very close to the plot for Angela and Hodgins in Bones.

Yet another character killer for Beckett who claimed in season one she is a “one and done” type of girl. And you are trying to tell me Kate Beckett gets accepted into the FBI and didn’t go through and intensive back-ground check?  Can you say PLOT HOLE!!!

Beckett heads off to find Rogan and leaves Castle in New York to take care of last minute wedding details.

And, of course, the cad wouldn’t just sign the paperwork to dissolve their marriage with no strings. He wants her to do something for him before he signs. Of course he does. He wants Beckett to break into his ex-girlfriend’s truck and get his stuff. After Beckett does this OF COURSE Rogan gets kidnapped.

At least with Beckett looking for Rogan that gets Castle up there with her. Beckett already being married was strike one to the wedding, strike two was the wedding venue being burnt down by crazy circus fire breathers and strike three was Beckett’s dress was ruined by a busted water pipe.

Sign and sign again this wedding would never happen. We had to go through a whole line-up to get to the end only to have the lights turned out in the game before the end.

As Castle goes up to meet Beckett, Martha and Alexis are in charge of getting the house in the Hamptons ready for the wedding.

There is a mad-cap race to find Rogan and when they do, Castle and Beckett have to rescue him, dodge mobsters and bikers all in the pursuit to get her divorce and their happy ending.

The ending, with Kate in the Hamptons preparing for the wedding really is a nice moment before it all turns to hell. Lanie called Kate’s dad and she is now wearing her mother’s wedding dress. Martha presents Kate with a pair of earrings for her something blue. They were given to Martha by her mother to wear on her wedding day and by her mother before her.

“Only women of substance have worn these gems. They’ve been waiting, Katherine, for you.” – Martha Rodgers

Meaning, as we and Martha have always known, Castle’s previous two ex-wives lacked the substance and class that Beckett embodies. And Martha truly sees her as worthy to marry her son.

Beckett gets a call from Castle saying the judge granted her divorce and he is 20 minutes away. He tells her he loves her and hangs up. It is then Castle sees a black SUV speeding up behind him. He tries to shake it off but you can see his uneasiness.

An hour later, everyone is wondering where Castle is and until Beckett gets a phone call and she goes charging out. When she jumps out of the car, that was to be their limo taking them away as man and wife, Beckett sees Castle’s car on fire and tears begin to stream down her face as the screen fades to black and season six ends.

Now we all must endure a summer hiatus and then probably one or two episodes of Beckett trying to figure out what happen to Castle. There won’t be a body in the car, I am sure of that. So, it will either be the second drama crutch Marlowe relies on, 3XK, or something to do with Castle’s father Jackson Hunt.

Either way, I am yawning with boredom and really wondering why I tuned in at all only to be jerked around like a circus monkey dancing to the same old tired tune Marlowe continues to play.