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‘Castle’ Episode 22 Recap: “Veritas”

FINALLY, Kate Beckett has gotten justice for her mother Johanna Beckett’s murder. Can we get a sigh of relief and a thank goodness the Castle writers don’t have this dramatic crutch to lean on anymore?

I admit, watching the first season of Castle it was Beckett’s story of her mother’s murder that was just the right hook for me to get me interested in the show. Before that, Beckett was an uptight prude with no personality. Her thirst for justice is what gave her some humanity before she began to open up around Castle.

At first, when Beckett was following the man Jason Marks, to open the episode, I was prepared to get upset with her pursuing leads without Castle knowing. However, I was pleasantly proven wrong when Castle called Beckett, as he was closing out a book tour, and they talked about all of her clandestine spy moves following Marks.

Castle’s comment about not returning his wedding tux, because it was two weeks until the wedding, was a nice touch for the wedding timeline.

When the man Beckett is following, Jason Marks, turns up dead this is when things turn dark for Beckett. She tells Esposito and Ryan to widen their security camera search to five blocks because she knows Marks met Vulcan Simmons, the man tied to Bracken laundering drug money to fund Bracken’s political campaign.

Captain Gates excuses Beckett from the investigation because of her history with Vulcan Simmons so she seeks Simmons out. They square off and in the next scene the audience discovers Simmons is dead.

Beckett admits to Castle she left him in the middle of the night to confront Simmons but didn’t kill him. When Laine calls Beckett and says a bullet that matches Beckett’s gun was found in Simmons’ body, Beckett is on the run pursued by Internal Investigations.

The episode could split Castle and Beckett up again, like it did in the earlier episode “In the Belly of the Beast” so it was nice to have Beckett and Castle meet up at their swings.

I got a bit upset that Beckett told Castle this was a dangerous situation and she can’t ask him to stick around. It was the only real issue I had with the episode. Kate Beckett is Richard Castle’s soul mate, he almost lost her to a sniper’s bullet, they almost didn’t get together due to their insecurities and went through all the stuff at the end of season five, but things get hard and she expects him to walk? It was just a bad line.

If anyone has read the Nikki Heat novels it is no surprise that Smith isn’t really dead. When Castle and Beckett figure this out they meet with him. He states there is a recording of Bracken admitting his misdeeds but doesn’t know where it is.

Beckett and Castle decide to go on the run. They lay low in a seedy motel as Castle goes to procure a car from a friend who won’t ask questions, and Beckett is left in the room to cut and color her hair. Raise your hand if you really believe it would have gotten that far – Beckett cutting her hair and coloring it blonde. Yeah, me neither.

The scene between Beckett and Bracken, as he found her in the motel room, was intense and worthy of the big screen. There was resignation in Beckett’s face, and a ting of regret for finding herself in this situation with Bracken. The tears in her eyes when she tells Bracken she wants him to kill her is one of a woman who has stared death in the face once before and is doing it again.

Bracken leaves her to his goons, firm in the belief that she will be dead soon. Why does the villain just assume his nefarious deeds will be followed through?

The goons forced Beckett to take a sleeping pill and then poured alcohol down her throat to make it look like she got drunk and killed herself. But Beckett is too smart for that and she has a lot to live for. She didn’t swallow the pill and when the place the gun in her hand she turns it on them and shoots them.

She doesn’t go unscathed as one busts a vase over her head. Beckett stumbles out into the hallway of the hotel, smearing blood on the all from her head wound, before she collapses. This is where Castle finds her as he scoops her up and takes her away from the city.

In her haze, thanks to the head wound, Beckett has flashbacks to following the leads to her mother’s murder. We get to see Kate Beckett as a rookie meeting Captain Roy Montgomery for the first time.

It is during this Beckett realized the recording Smith was trying to find was Montgomery and Bracken and it had to be in her mother’s possession. This is all back at Beckett’s apartment and Beckett tells Castle they have to go back.

With the help of Esposito and Ryan, Beckett and Castle sneak back into her apartment. In a datebook entry from Johanna Beckett, as they are going through her mother’s stuff, Castle realized Johanna was planning on meeting Montgomery.

Just as they are working through things, Internal Affairs bursts and arrests Beckett, Castle, Esposito and Ryan. In the precinct, the scene between Castle and Beckett where she says she is sorry, unsure what will become of them, is defused by Castle’s constant calming presence. It was a wonderful part of the whole episode.

Beckett realizes the cassette recording they are looking for is in the elephants on her desk. They used to belong to her mom and that is where she hid it.

Fifteen years after her mother’s murder, 15 years of searching, 15 years of anguish, 15 years of longing for justice came to fruition when Kate Beckett waltzed into Bracken’s press conference and arrested him. Tears brimming, breath catching she snapped the cuffs around his wrists sealing a promise she made to her mother – that she would find her killer.

And waiting for her, as she escorted Bracken down the steps into a waiting squad bar, was Richard Castle; the man who heard her story and wanted to help her solve it, Beckett’s partner in every sense, the man who opened her heart and helped her close the case.

Honorable mention in the episode goes to Victoria Gates who cornered Esposito and Ryan and said she knew Beckett wasn’t a killer and wanted to know what was really going on.