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WonderCon 2014 Photo Gallery: Cosplay, Panels, and More

Anaheim’s third annual pop culture convention WonderCon starts today, Friday April 18, and Pop Insomniacs’ Andy Greene (who can also be tracked down at his pop culture site Seven Inches of Your Time and on Twitter @7inchesofyotime) is there to cover all your comic book, movie, and TV needs – and, of course, to snap a metric fuckton of pictures. Check out some of WonderCon 2014’s coolest cosplayers below:

And here, have some assorted shots of the convention floor, including pictures of all the amazing and expensive and amazingly expensive things we’re too broke afford (sob sob):

And if you’ve a hankering to see various actors making gloriously awkward faces, then you’re in luck because have we got a slideshow for you: