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‘The Mindy Project’ Episode 17 & 18 Recap: “Be Cool” & “Girl Crush”

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“Human beings are funny. They long to be with the person they love but refuse to admit openly. Some are afraid to show even the slightest sign of affection because of fear. But one thing about human beings that puzzles me the most is their conscious effort to be connected with the object of their affection even if it kills them slowly within.” – Sigmund Freud

*This is a very long recap because I go into detail about the breakup.*

“Be Cool”

Mindy and Danny have officially started dating in secret. Although their very cute, secret makeout sessions in the office are fun, things start to get a little more serious when Danny continues to deny their relationship in front of others. Mindy’s completely willing to tell everyone the good news, especially when she finds out that her apartment was robbed and she needs someone to stay with her and protect her. In the hopes that Danny will volunteer, she tells the office, but Morgan ends up taking that spot as her roommate.

While sleeping on her couch, Morgan finds men’s scrubs under Mindy’s couch. When he reaches into the pockets, he finds Peter’s pen in one of them. (They’re actually Danny’s scrubs and he took Peter’s pen).  He immediately assumes Mindy and Peter are secretly dating, and then goes to tell Jeremy about it. They both don’t approve of this fake relationship because they think Mindy’s too good for Peter and she’ll end up getting hurt.

Guest star Jenna Dewan-Tatum plays Brooke, a pharmaceutical who really hit it off with Danny last year, who returns to the office this year thinking that she and Danny will continue the fling they had before. Mindy doesn’t seem altogether too jealous at first, although Danny still tries to tell her that he clearly has no more feelings for Brooke. He also asks if he’ll be able to stay over that night, but is interrupted by Morgan who overhears. Mindy, again, attempts to tell the office that they’re dating, but Danny stops her and says Mindy’s hosting a party at her apartment.

The friendship between Peter and Mindy also continues to develop. Peter’s on Mindy’s side and, whenever possible, also tries to get Danny to admit to others/the office that he and Mindy are dating. This continues into the actual party when Mindy becomes jealous of how much time Brooke and Danny are spending together. Although Danny is clearly uncomfortable being around Brooke, he still doesn’t tell her that he has a girlfriend. Peter sees all of this and pulls Danny aside to, once again, tell him he should admit he’s dating Mindy. Danny’s a very private person and he doesn’t want his very special relationship with Mindy to be ruined by the office.

By this time, Mindy’s gone into her room to drink and Peter follows her in to comfort her. Mindy thinks Danny’s keeping their relationship a secret because he’s embarrassed by her, although we know that’s not the case. Peter tries to make her feel better by telling her of his relationship with another woman, Lisa. Like Danny, he won’t call Lisa his girlfriend in public, but if he knew that another man was into her, he would admit to his feelings for her in a heartbeat. Peter then devises a plan to make Danny jealous by acting flirtatiously with Mindy. It seems to work when Danny is upfront with Brooke by telling her he actually has a girlfriend. Brooke seems to be okay with this news because she knows that the next time she visits, Danny will probably be single – therefore implying that Danny’s relationships never work out. I think this is where the initial seed is planted for what happens at the end of the party.

Through all of this, Morgan and Jeremy are looking at Peter and Mindy in disgust and decide to hold a small intervention for them. Mindy and Peter deny that they’re dating, while hoping that Danny will tell everyone the truth. Danny stands up and tries to tell the group the truth, but he can’t get the words out. Mindy interrupts him and admits to having a serious problem of being a sex maniac. She leaves the group before anyone else can say anything, but before she pats Peter on his arm as if to thank him. He’s also disappointed in Danny and it seems that this ordeal has made him think things through with Lisa. He calls her as he’s leaving and asks her out on a real date. I could probably go on and on as to why Peter is such a great character, but I won’t. I’m really quite proud of his character development, which I’m pretty sure will continue as the episodes continue.

And now, the moment that left most of us, if not all of us, in tears. Mindy gives Danny an ultimatum. They either start dating publicly or they break up. He chooses the latter option for several reasons. It seems a little bit shocking that it’s all happening so fast, but there’s always a right and a wrong time and this clearly isn’t the right time for Danny/Mindy. In such a heartbreaking way, Danny, with tears in his eyes (someone give Chris Messina an Emmy already!) tells Mindy that she’s his best friend. His only friend. “I need to have you in my life. I have to have you.” Mindy interrupts him saying that what he’s saying is a bunch of garbage because she knows they can’t be just friends anymore after what’s happened. He’s giving her a very typical excuse many men give when they break up with their girlfriends/lovers/whatever. But in actuality, although those men were using those excuses and were being cowards, Danny’s isn’t an excuse. It’s real. It’s the truth. She’s his only friend.

“We wanna kill each other at least once a day…And what’s gonna happen if we start dating? I mean, really, what’s gonna happen? You’re gonna get attached to me. And then we’re gonna fight more and then we’re gonna breakup and then you’re gonna work somewhere else. I’m not gonna see you! Is that what you want?” Danny is truly afraid of losing her. He can’t stand to not have her in his life, even if it’s just as friends. This is where my Sigmund Freud quote comes into play. Although he loves her, and he will continue to love her, it’s just too much of a risk to attempt a relationship. He’d rather have her close as friends, than not have her at all.

While Danny believes things can go back to normal after they breakup, Mindy knows that’s not possible. She believes they can better each other. “We fight, but we make up and I change a little bit and you change a lot…” But Danny just can’t see that happening. He’s blaming this on himself. He simply can’t change all of the aspects of himself that need changing. He thinks it’s a good idea that they stop this now before it gets too far ahead and hurts even more in the future. Because honestly, think about it, if they were to continue the relationship for months and then break up later on, that means they would’ve broken up for a real, serious reason and, like Danny said, would’ve ruined any and all the connections they had in the first place. This had to happen now. Although it hurts, it had to be done.

Before he leaves, Danny caresses Mindy’s tear-stricken face one last time, but pulls away when she tries to hold his hand. He walks away and she follows him asking, “Why did you even kiss me, Danny?! Why did you even start this?!” We all know why, but Danny just gives her one last, “I’m sorry.” Mindy collapses on her bed, crying. Danny sticks a cigarette in his mouth outside. He stops, takes the cigarette out of his mouth, and looks up to Mindy’s window. This is all set to Jimmy Durante’s “The Glory of Love,” which gives it such a perfect romantic comedy appeal.

“You gotta give a little. Take a little. And let your poor heart break a little. That’s the story of…That’s the glory of love.”

Funny Moments

“I know a guy who can disappear you.” – Morgan

“Ugh, God. I am such a slob. *gasps* I have been robbed!” – Mindy

Morgan’s love for Home Alone.

“Benjamin Cumberbitch.” – Danny

Mindy breaking her glass.

“Should I fake my own kidnapping? I did that once to try to get out of a fun run.” – Mindy

“My batwing!” – Mindy

Mindy’s “human girl” giggles.

“I too have a confession. I am in love with Dr. Castellano.” – Betsy (This was ignored by everyone. Poor Betsy).

“Girl Crush”

This episode was actually written before the long hiatus and takes place about a month after “Be Cool,” which might be good to take into consideration.

It seems to be a little awkward between Danny and Mindy at work who have to deal with their breakup secretly. They still have to ride the subway to work together, but not together-together, and Mindy goes out of her way to not sit next to him in meetings.

In the locker room, Mindy meets Anna Gunn’s character, Sheila Hamilton, an OBGYN for the stars. (She delivered Kim and Kanye’s baby). She compliments her twin delivery and invites her to visit her practice for a tour. Mindy lies to the practice about where she’s going because she’ll be considered a traitor. Mindy falls in love with their practice and fabulous lifestyle, but as she walks out, she finds Danny, Jeremy, Morgan and Peter in their new medical bus. They do actually accuse her of being a traitor and get very mad at her.

After their little fight, Mindy seems to be set on joining Hamilton’s practice, that is, until she finds out that none of their patients have insurance. They can all afford to pay out of pocket, but Mindy’s patients usually can’t afford it so they use insurance. Mindy doesn’t feel right leaving her patients, so she declines on their offer.

Joanna Garcia’s character Sally, Peter’s sister, is also introduced as a new love interest for Danny. Mindy walks in on Sally holding onto Danny’s hand, explaining how she’ll soon be able to zap away the hair on his knuckles. Mindy and Danny both look at each other, somewhat awkwardly and hurt, until Mindy walks off. When Sally leaves, Peter shows his disgust of Danny/Sally and tells him he can’t go out with her because of what he did to Mindy. Peter doesn’t want Danny to lead his sister on and then break her heart.

Morgan, Peter, Danny and Jeremy end up taking the bus to a Mexican neighborhood in the hopes of getting new patients. People don’t seem to understand what they’re actually attempting to do and blame them for wanting to take pictures of women’s breasts. By this time, Mindy appears to find them getting harassed by the crowd. Because she’s a woman, they take her a little bit more seriously. She gives a little speech about what they want to do, give them free medical care, while Jeremy repeats it in Spanish. They end up getting a new patient.

When they’re done, Danny lets Mindy know that he’s glad she didn’t leave. “The patients would really miss you. And who would remind me to get a haircut?” Danny also asks her if she’s okay about him and Sally. She nods and says it’s okay and then reminds him that he needs a haircut.

Funny Moments

“I think we have plenty of glamorous patients here. Mrs. Hernandez named her daughter Cashmere!” – Danny

“You don’t praise someone for doing a job they’re supposed to do. That’s why I refuse to clap when an airplane lands.” – Danny

Peter’s impersonation of Mindy’s dainty sneezes. You can see Mindy and Chris trying to hold in their laughs.

Pepe the horny raccoon is pretty cute.

“Any girl would be lucky to have your sculpted body. Even a girl who’s been under your nose all—” – Betsy about Danny getting interrupted by Danny

“Cochino!” “What does that mean?! She cast a spell on me!” – Peter

Peter getting turned on by Sally’s boobs.

“Your millionaires needed a slumdog.” – Mindy