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Hannibal 2×06 “Futamono” Recap


A “Futamono” refers to a lidded dish, primarily a soup, or a red rice ball in some sort of sauce. Hannibal blows the lid clean off in this episode.

Hannibal is a fast healer. Just a week after almost dying at the hands of a murdering psychopath orderly (acting on orders from Will Graham), Hannibal is back to his high class lifestyle, playing the piano like he invented the instrument.

Jack comes to visit Will, pissed off and somber, after knowing Will Graham’s part in Hannibal’s attempted murder. Will, to his credit, doesn’t back down. He has contempt for the Chesapeake Ripper, and doesn’t apologize for his involvement. He also reveals to Jack that the Chesapeake Ripper eats his victims, pointing out that Hannibal’s dinner parties always coincides with new Ripper kills. Will puts a coda on the conversation: “Who does he have to kill before you open your eyes?”

And we cut to Alana Bloom. NOOOOOO! Do not kill the beautiful Caroline Dhavernas. She’s at Hannibal’s house, as he slices and dices a heart, as he does. WHY IS THIS NORMAL TO EVERYBODY? To get back on the mend, Hannibal tells her, “I need to get my appetite back.” This means murder…and a bunch of crazy awesome recipes.

We find ourselves quickly at the scene of the first new murder, where a man has been grafted into a tree in a parking lot, attached to living roots. Instead of just removing one organ, the Ripper has taken all of them save the lungs, replacing them with poisonous flowers, showing his contempt for the victim. Another mesmerizing, creative and disturbing death from the NBC crew.

Jack and Hannibal share a scotch by the fire, as they both admit that they can’t help Will anymore. Hannibal also regretfully informs Jack that he must remove himself from FBI investigations following his near-death experience. Jack doesn’t blame him. That is, until Hannibal lights up and invites Jack to a dinner party, which sets off a million alarms in Jack’s head after Will’s warning.

Sharing the same wall, Will and Gideon (Eddie Izzard, so nuanced and steady) chat, the pair of them continuing to play games with one another. Will promises that Dr. Chilton (who’s of course listening in) and Gideon will die, unless the Ripper is caught. This leads Gideon to admit that he was at Hannibal’s home, where he was told to kill Alana Bloom. Dr. Chilton immediately ushers in Jack to listen to the recording, believing that it could be true. Jack meets with Gideon, and Abel reverts back to his mischievous, manipulative self, claiming that Dr. Chilton forced the testimony onto him, implicating Chilton as the bad egg, and not Will Graham.

This episode has a bunch of fun visual flourishes, though they almost seemed too whimsical for such a dark episode. A rat skitters down the gap between Will and Gideon’s cells, Hannibal’s musical notes (Alana) bloom into flowers, and Will’s seed of darkness grows inside him, as the antlers of the stag overwhelm him in his cell, to the point where he’s almost become a tree of sharp, stag-like antlers, like Hannibal’s latest victim.

Hannibal visits Will at the BSH, and strikes back, “I’ll give Alana Bloom my best,” putting Will’s former not-really-flame firmly in the cross-hairs. AHHHH. Don’t do it, Bryan Fuller.

Hannibal’s dinner party is decadent as $#!*, with waiters, servers and a bevy of what I assume to be the Baltimore elite in attendance. Even after Gideon proves his testimony to be false, Jack can’t shake the specter of cannibalism and what’s in the food that’s being served. He arrives, then leaves, taking some of Hannibal’s food to go. Hannibal’s clearly hurt and suspicious, and Alana comes to his defense, wondering why Jack would consider him a suspect.

Back at the insane asylum, Abel Gideon brags about his murder of the much-loved nurse at the hospital, which leads the guards to beat the crap out of him and throw him down a stairwell. I thought he was dead, but Gideon doesn’t go down easily, waking up in a hospital outside of the institution.

Jack brings the dishes to our sarcastic doctors, who find no human meat in their analysis. Just hundreds of dollars of amazing beef. Darn.

After the party ends, Alana Bloom plays “Chopsticks” on the piano, and Hannibal joins her. Then they KISS. AHHHHH. And $@!%. Double AHHHHHH. While Bloom sleeps, Hannibal slips out and arrives at Gideon’s hospital bed, in surgical gear.

Jack and company find a guard murdered and hanged on fish lures in Gideon’s room, with Gideon nowhere to be found. In Gideon’s condition, it’s clear someone took him away. Jack stops pussyfooting around and goes to Hannibal, requesting an alibi, which Bloom provides, in a nightie. AHHHHH again. You were ASLEEP, woman.

But, of course, Hannibal has kidnapped Gideon, making him a private dinner guest, and SERVING Abel Gideon a slice of…Abel Gideon, for his own “last supper.” Shiver. Gideon grudgingly eats himself, and you can see Hannibal’s erection from under the table.

The fishing lures used in the latest murder prove to be identical to the ones that Will Graham made. Except…they each have DNA strands of the victims he was suspected of killing. This means…Will Graham is innocent. The Chesapeake Ripper wants credit for his kills now, and more importantly, wants Will out in the world again, to deal with him as he sees fit. Considering Will ordered a murder from his cell, it seems odd that he’d be let free so easily…but that’s what appears to be happening next week.

And just because there wasn’t ENOUGH craziness in this episode, Jack follows a lead, tracking down the bark of the tree (from the first murder) to a cabin…where he finds…Miriam Lass (Anna Chlumsky), still alive (though dismembered), deep in a well. One more time: AHHHH.

What another great, skeevy episode. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than watching Hannibal make out with anyone, let alone Dr. Bloom, and Will’s dark transformation is fascinating (now coupled with his freedom), while Jack runs from one side of the continuum to the other, a pawn in the game.