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Continuum 3×02 “Minute Man” Recap


The layers keep building in the second episode of season “Minute Man.” The time traveling Kiera confronts her time-traveling counterpart Alec as they look upon the dead body of the Kiera from the new timeline.

The writers are walking a fine tight rope with time travel and multiple versions of a character. They solved the two Kiera’s by killing off one. The question is who killed the other Kiera? The way time traveling Kiera looked upon herself, so cold can calculating, I am still of the belief that Kiera killed her other self.

There might be a nugget of truth in that as the episode opened with a look at 2067 and a young Kiera with her mother and sister. She proved, when she agreed to join the military to get her mother out of trouble for having contraband books that she would and can do anything for her beliefs. Could that also mean killing her own self to insure there is a timeline where she gets home to her family? She is also charged with killing the Alec that doesn’t ensure the right timeline to move forward. What would stop her from offing her doppelganger?

Time traveling Alec and Kiera blow Carlos’ mind when the show him the dead Kiera and tell him what is going on. A heavy burden to bear for Carlos who was just getting used to learning Kiera was from the future.

We also see the fall out of the mayor Jim Martin working with Liber8. He confesses to Inspector Dillion and is looking for immunity. Liber8 still gets there hands on him and forces Martin to record and send a message with their agenda. Martin knows his career and life is over and in the final seconds of the episode we see him in a car and then hear a gunshot – he has killed himself.

Meanwhile, Kiera learns Escher has been murdered. With Emily’s life saved Escher has been murdered – Escher who is Alec’s father, something the current timeline Alec doesn’t know. He believed Jason was his father but DNA tests, and confronting Jason, reveals Jason is actually future Alec’s son. Nice turn.

Other Things Learned in the Episode

  • Kiera revels to time traveling Alec that she had to join The Freelancers to go back in time, showing him her small black dots in between her fingers.
  • Kellogg learns the Kiera he is talking to is from another timeline
  • Emily killed Escher and now Kellogg is using that information so she will spy on current timeline Alec
  • It seems like Carlos may not trust the time traveling Kiera
  • This Kiera, in this altered timeline, seems darker and less trusting and I still believe she killed the altered timeline Kiera

This show has been turned on its ear as far as plotline goes. This episode skirted the border of being to woven and convoluted. I hope they straighten it out a bit because it could be the most intriguing season of the series.