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‘Castle’ Episode 21 Recap: “Law and Boarder”

This just in: Richard Castle was unbeaten in SCRABBLE®, until, he played Kate Beckett. Castle is unable to accept he has been un-seated by Beckett and that is part of the “B” story of the episode, “Law and Boarder.”

Competition is also running high between Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito who are vying to be Castle’s best man at his and Beckett’s wedding. They really start to court Castle for the position after it is revealed Lanie Parish is Beckett’s maid of honor.

A “gold star” goes to Kate Beckett who did a small squee with Lanie when the two talked about Lanie trying on her maid of honor dress. It really is nice to see a more un-buttoned Beckett as the wedding draws closer – her excitement is infectious.

Speaking of un-buttoned Beckett, we will re-visit that later.

The case centered around a pro-skateboarder’s murder. The case of the week wasn’t a mind-blower. It was tied around a cold case murder in which the murder victim, Logan Moore, was killed because he was determined to get justice for his friend who was murdered six years ago.

The opening scene with Castle and Beckett, after showing the murder to start the episode, included the whole family – Castle, Beckett, Martha and Alexis. Castle stayed up all night after playing SCRABBLE® with Beckett trying to create a word after his five remaining letters. It is then that Martha gleefully praises Beckett for beating Castle in the game; she tells her he never loses, and then there is a really cute scene between Beckett and Alexis.

Tying into scenes a few weeks ago in which Beckett and Alexis bonded over Alexis returning home, the two most important women in Castle’s life did a fist bump as Martha talked about Beckett beating Castle in the game. Be careful, Castle, if these two ladies ever gang up on you.

It was nice, because it is such a rarity, to have three scenes at home between Castle and Beckett. The opening scene with the whole family was fun, the middle scene had Beckett beating Castle again in SCRABBLE® and Castle skulking off after he lost. But the final scene will have Castle fans talking all week.

The closing scene of the episode has Castle setting up the Castle board again – as he wants another re-match. The look on Beckett’s face when she inquires about where Martha and Alexis are (they are out to dinner and a late movie) is so flirtatious and fun. See, Beckett wants a new game – STRIP POKER. Castle is all in and when he is down to just his shirt and Beckett is wearing just her bra, he finally concedes and the make-out session begins.

The other humorous moments included Ryan and Esposito vying for Castle’s best man spot, including plying Castle with gifts. Sorry fellas, Castle has already chosen his best man – it is one of the two most important women in his life, his daughter Alexis.

Yes, Ryan and Esposito, you lost to a girl, but did you ever really think you were in the running when Alexis was a candidate?

A light, fun, breezy episode before the dark episode next week again dealing with the murder of Beckett’s mother, Johanna, as Beckett is accused of murder. Let’s just hope this finally wraps this six-year storyline up – it is bordering on being a crutch storyline.