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‘Arrow’ Season 2 Episode 20 Recap: “Seeing Red”

Arrow jumbled together some of my least favorite subplots and somehow managed to make a thrilling, slightly gut-wrenching episode, thanks to a gripping ending. Well played, even though it was painful to get there.

We begin at the foundry, which is what Ollie refers to their base later in this episode, so now I have something other than the Arrow Cave to call it. They “rescued” Roy from the clutches of Slade Wilson, after sucking him dry of his mirakuru tainted blood. Now he lays on the counter, in rough shape, kinda Frankensteinian. As Diggle says, a cure would be nice right about now, but that’s not how TV works, and Caitlin is apparently working on it in Century City. Felicity is skeeved out:

Aw. Truth. They’re about to go for sushi…when Roy is no longer on the table. No, Roy has gone Royzilla, or Mr. Hyde, the Red Hulk, or Beast Mode, or whatever you want to call it. He flips over Felicity’s desk and computers, something that happens every episode now, and can’t be good for crime fighting business. He knocks past Diggle and into Verdant. Uh oh. Diggle runs up, brandishing a gun, yelling “Move!” repeatedly, but Roy has already disappeared. So, Diggle just terrified everyone at Verdant, and there’s no further mention of the incident, which seems strange, since…

…Moira Queen is planning a rally at Verdant in short order. Apparently she’s now ahead in the polls over Sebastian Blood, and apparently this mayoral campaign has still been happening. Moira explains to the press in an interview: what Sebastian doesn’t have, is children, and I’m a mother who loves her family beyond all else, or something to that effect. Cue Thea’s angry arrival, interrupting the interview and refusing to let her use Verdant for her next speech. Moira points out that Thea signed a contract…not exactly making her case for Mom of the year.

While Diggle and Felicity are in freak out mode (and Felicity can’t find any mention of Isabel Rochev’s death/disappearance…hurm), Ollie and Sara are getting their freak ON, as they both lie on each other, nekkid, in a nice hotel room that Ollie can’t afford. Oliver is clearly all about the cherished alone time, and points out that they can’t hang out in the “foundry” any more, because Roy’s there. So…wanna move in together? Their reverie is interrupted by Felicity, CALLING BOTH OF THEIR PHONES AT THE SAME TIME. Is that even possible? Is that the iPhone 6?

After Thea storms off, Mark Francis disregards Moira’s whole platform/shtick, explaining to her: “You can only be a mother OR a politician.” What kind of garbage is that?

Insert flashback music here: Ollie, in a silly wig, is moping on Laurel’s lap.

He lies to her, telling her he’s tired from a late night with Tommy the night before.

Is he making excuses to sleep with Sara? It’s 7 years ago, so probably not. Moira walks in, clearly eavesdropping on his son’s intimate conversation with his girlfriend. Ollie reveals his true anguish: he apparently got a girl pregnant. And it’s not Laurel. Who hasn’t Oliver been inside?

Roided out Roy, or should I say Roy’d-ed out Roy (he’s referred to as roided out later), assaults a few people out around town, as Ollie and Sara are helplessly on his trail.

Sin (remember her?) finds him outside of a club, and she realizes something’s wrong, knowing that he was injected with some drug. It doesn’t stop Roy from giving her a black eye and forever destroying some dude’s arm trying to help.

Sin goes to Sara, explaining it doesn’t make any sense, but Roy is “comic book strong,” which is hilarious.

Moira goes to Sebastian Blood, who still is on this show and vaguely important. She explains to him that she’s giving a concession speech and dropping out of the race. Why, when you’re winning? “I don’t owe you an explanation,” but I’ll give you one: “My daughter needs me more than Starling does.” Sebastian tells her she made the right choice. Harumph.

7 years previously, Ollie sucks. He knocked up a woman, made one mistake, and “it doesn’t seem fair to me” that this chick is pregnant. Maroon him on the island already.

There’s a funny sequence at the foundry when Ollie and company track Roy’s location. They discover he’s going east. “What’s east?” someone asks. I know they’re asking what exactly he might be after east of him…but it sounded like they didn’t know what a direction was. Unintentional humor is the best.

Sin finds Roy, as he’s headed to her home, and Ollie and Sara arrive to try and bring him in, and talk him down. The pleas don’t work, and he basically breaks Ollie’s leg. You’d think Sara and Ollie would go after Roy with some plan, since they know he’s more powerful than them. But they ain’t the smartest arrows in the quiver. Roy leaves before finishing them off, because he’s obviously not going to kill any of our main cast, so instead, he kills a few cops on his way out. ROY IS NOW A MASS MURDERER. But luckily, thanks to his hoodie, traffic cams can’t get facial recognition (“Now I know why you wear a hood”). REALLY?!

Ollie has Diggle tailing Thea’s every move, and she knows it, calling him out for lurking. So Diggle preaches to her about Moira loving her and still being her mother.

Oliver’s leg is messed up, so he goes to the hospital, where the doctor is happy to help out because he took out the Triad, so they have drugs for their patients again. That’s nice.

Sometimes it seems like ARROW is in a loop: Sara wants to kill Roy, Ollie doesn’t. Sara even admits they’ve had this exact same conversation 5 years ago (about Slade)…though she skims over the fact that we’ve had it several times since. This isn’t like Helena, it’s totally different…blah blah blah.

There’s an awful shot where Thea meets Sin in an alley, though before we know it’s Sin, she’s made out to look like Roy because she’s wearing a hoodie and carrying herself like a badass. It’s gross. Sin reveals that Roy’s been shot up with something.

Meanwhile, like Slade with Shado, Roy is having crazy ass Thea hallucinations that are telling him to KILL HER. Joy.

Moira and Ollie meet, with Ollie limping like crazy, explaining it was a motorcycle accident. Moira says something to the effect of, “That’s two in two weeks, if my math is correct.” Then, thank heavens, as Ollie limps away, Moira tells him she KNOWS knows, and is proud of him. Oh, she also tells Oliver she’s dropping out of the race, something Ollie disagrees with, because his allegiance and opinions toward his mother change every other scene.

Moira’s a great Mom again, right? Wrong. Or maybe right, depending on your perspective. ARROW stages its own “How I Met Your Mother,” as Moira meets with Oliver’s one-night stand (Anna Hopkins), and offers her two million dollars to tell Oliver she had a miscarriage and return to Century City. Is Barry Allen Oliver’s SON?! No, or else he’d be 7 years old. Is the mother really Talia al Ghul?! No, because this isn’t Batman (or is it?). Obviously the woman kept the baby and that son plotline is going to show up when we “least expect it.”

At Verdant, Moira gives her speech and DOESN’T CONCEDE. Then Thea takes to the stage immediately thereafter, and gives a half-ass show of support, because that wasn’t for Moira, that was to show Roy where she is, to draw him out.

Down in the foundry, Oliver makes Felicity shoot him up with all of the drugs/lydocane. Because ARROW picks and chooses its position on drugs depending on the character. The Mirakuru is literally about to have this city on its knees, and has ruined Oliver’s best friend Slade, and his new friend Roy. Laurel was also given heavy judgment for her brief wine and pill obsession. But when Oliver is in pain, he can take all the drugs he wants, and afterwards, he walks without a limp immediately, because drugs are amazing.

Thankfully, the limp is back when he arrives back in the club, as Roy saunters in, in evil mode, breaking up the crowd of people at Verdant, which can’t possibly be good for business/reputation/anything. Thea gives him an impassioned appeal to his humanity and their love:

It doesn’t work:

Sara arrives, gun pointed at Roy’s head. She shoots him in the leg, and is about to finish the job, when Sin gets between them, and then Oliver shoots three arrows that likely have all kinds of tranquilizers in them, putting Roy down.

I feel like Roy can’t wear red anymore, because he’s a mass murderer, and everyone is searching for the red hoodie. Unless he has a Life Model DecROY.

Afterwards, Sara admits that not only was she going to kill Roy, she wanted to.

If this, then…



You think that’s the emotional capper of this evening’s episode?


Ollie, Thea and Moira share a car on their way out, where Thea drops some knowledge:

No $#!*. Then, someone crashes into their car, and they wake up, with Moira and Thea tied up, same with Oliver, and Slade brandishing a gun, mirroring the Ivo scene with Shado and Sara. He’s giving Ollie another chance at that choice.

Dayum. Moira chooses for him, standing up, taking the bullet for her daughter literally.

This impresses Slade.

For a moment I wonder if he’s going to then kill Thea because of it…but he has some sort of twisted sense of honor.


We get a final moment in the flashback, when Ollie learns that he’s “lost” the baby, with Moira there to console him, reassuring him someday he’ll be ready to be a father. So, next episode?

But for now…


All gifs come from the awesome and incredible Queens Arrow tumblr.