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“Veep” Gets Its Full 3rd Season Trailer

Your favorite vice president is back (sorry Joey B.), and she’s on her greatest campaign yet: to become President.

HBO’s sneak peek brings all of the gang back: Mike, as useless as ever; Dan and his overwhelming face – “all eyelashes and teeth” – Amy, texting behind her back in what seems like an act of god; and Gary. Sweet, ridiculous Gary (played by the Emmy winning Tony Hale), whose arm has become chronically injured due to carrying around Selina’s bag (another Emmy-winning performance from Julia Louis-Dreyfus). We even get a shot of Jonah, Sue telling him to get off the line… And then the planet.

Despite Selina’s status being higher than ever this new season, her team’s looks ready to topple, Diedrich Bader making an appearance as a new political consultant who tells Selina  that if she really wants to win the most powerful position in the world, she needs to revamp her support staff.

See “Lady POTUS go” below, before the new season starts April 6th.