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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: “Still”

If you missed this episode, rest assured: this episode is at as much of a standstill as the title suggests.

“Still” focuses solely on Beth and Daryl, possibly the strangest and most random pairing of characters. It hurts to say, but the absence of the other characters, even down to people like Bob, stung really hard. There’s just wasn’t enough of a build up between the two prior to this episode, so the scenes of them running around in the woods, trying to find some solid ground to stay hidden, and learning little snippets about each other were all pretty anticlimactic.

The episode starts out initially with Beth’s desire to drink, as it’s perhaps symbolic of a meaningful transition into maturity post her father’s death. She doesn’t want to give up on life just yet, even though there’s so much that has been put against her: her father’s death, her separation from her sister. Daryl on the other hand has lost much of his vigor from past seasons; he’s come to a standstill.

After tensions arise between the two at a golf course (perhaps it’s Daryl’s animosity towards country clubs), he brings Beth over to an abandoned shack that he had once crossed paths with Michonne. Once they begin talking over drinks, things start to calm down, Daryl becomes more relaxed, and Beth becomes more comfortable.

We soon get to see a deeper side to Daryl: one at conflict and still not completely at peace with how he used to be. He reveals to Beth that before the apocalypse, there wasn’t much to Daryl at all. All he really did was follow Merle around, like his little henchman and criminal. There wasn’t much room for him to show his emotions in the past, and it’s only at this point where he completely lets out pent up emotions that were built up, including his regret on how things turned out at the prison (including Hershel).

All in all, an interesting, but thoroughly boring episode. Nothing actually happened. it’s always nice to see characters that are usually so stoic let another perspective of theirs shine through, but at the same time, there was a generic lack of momentum throughout the episode (and arguably throughout the season). We at least gained some intriguing insight into the backstories of these two characters. Perhaps the most important: for not being a drinker, Beth sure has quite a high tolerance. And if anything, the best was saved for last: nothing probably invigorates the mood of our characters more than flipping off a burning house and stalking off into the woods.

Rating: C