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Teen Wolf 3×23 “Insatiable” Recap

Kira faces an unexpected enemy.

We’ve made it, guys. It’s the big bad Teen Wolf episode. We’re finally going to find out which character in the title credits is going to kick the bucket. Ready your tissue boxes, don your mourning clothes (I’ve chosen a short lacy black number, because who says your mourning attire can’t double as a clubbing outfit), and prepare yourself, because here. We. Go.

Stiles is actually Stiles

After Deaton gets the dead firefly carcasses out of Isaac, Aiden, and Ethan, he tells them and Allison that they’re still working on determining whether or not the Stiles that was left behind at Scott’s house is the Real Stiles (as opposed to the Stiles that ran off with Lydia. I should think it would be obvious which one is which – though since this is a trickster we’re dealing with it’s possible they’re both fakes, it’s probably better to be safe than sorry).

Mama Yukimura and her Oni arrive to the rescue; the Oni determine this Stiles to be the true Stiles and skedaddle.

Fake Stiles kidnapped Lydia for her powers

Meanwhile, the nogitsune has taken Lydia to a creepifying location where she hears the whispers of dead people everywhere. It tells her it craves her banshee powers, to feed off of the pain and terror she feels, and makes her scream for him.

Meredith Walker

Real Stiles remembers a girl back at Eichen House named Meredith Walker who might know more about what’s going on, so it’s off to the asylum Papa Stilinski goes. The semi-suspicious police officer who keeps popping up, Parrish, tells them that the girl was moved to a different wing for screaming all the time. Oh, that sounds familiar! Looks like we might have another banshee on our hands.

By the time Papa Stilinski gets there, Meredith has already escaped and is sneaking into high school classes. When an orderly from Eichen House sneaks up on her, Coach saves her from being tased and lets her escape again (for no real reason other than because Kira asked him very nicely to do so and the orderly is an obvious asshat, but okay.)

Ethan and Aiden look for Lydia

The twins are tracking Lydia in the forest when they’re shot at with wolfsbane bullets. Aiden goes down, while Ethan is still conscious but, due to whoever’s shooting at them, is unable to get to his possibly dead brother.

They’re rescued by Derek, who leaves the dying werewolves in the relative safety of a cave while he goes outside to look for help. He finds Papa Argent, who aids him in bringing the twins back to Derek’s loft. Papa Argent inspects the shell casings of the gun that shot them, and says in a shocked sort of manner, “That’s notpossible!” Wait, what’s not possible?! TELL ME MORE.

Allison and Isaac look for Lydia

Elsewhere, Allison and Isaac find where Fake Stiles parked Lydia’s car. Isaac smells Lydia’s anger, not fear, around the place, while Allison unearths a message written on the inside of Lydia’s car: “Don’t Find Me.”

Later, Papa Argent “graduates” Allison into full-on hunter status by teaching her to use the family silver to make her own weapons.

Scott, Stiles, and Kira

Kira spent the night getting lessons on Go, the nogitsune’s game of choice, from her mother. In the morning she calls Scott and Stiles to tell them she found Meredith – in Coach Finstock’s class – but Stiles has his own problems to deal with. Namely, not dying of this mysterious pain and cold he’s having.

Scott’s father has the worst timing in the world, and chooses the very moment when Scott, Stiles, and a randomly popped up Isaac are about to interrogate Meredith, to impart the Big Secret on his son. The night before Agent McCall left his family, he’d been drinking and fighting with Mama McCall. When young Scott walked out of his room, he ended up accidentally tumbling down the stairs because of his father.

Though Scott ended up okay, Agent McCall moved out the next day, and out of regret he “hasn’t had a drink since.” Wait, so why did the nogitsune imply Scott would hate Mama McCall when he found out the truth? That doesn’t sound bad on her end at all.

Scott is quick to show his father all the different ways he accidentally hurt himself in that house over the years. “This house is full of accidents,” says Scott. “The stairs, maybe it was an accident, maybe it was worse, but I healed. I don’t need your apology. So see you at graduation, or whenever you decide to show up again.” OH, BURN.


Where’s Lydia?

Meredith is trying to find her, but for whatever reason, Lydia doesn’t want to be found. Isaac and Stiles try to nudge the information they need out of Meredith, but the only thing she gives them is “coup de foudre,” French for “bolt of lightning.”

Segue into Kira, who is still getting lessons in board games. With the help of her father, she realizes her mother plans to go on the offensive with the nogitsune and storm the castle, so to speak.

Allison is called to join up with Scott, Isaac, Kira, and Stiles, who have figured out where Lydia is: Oak Creek. She ignores her father’s pleas to wait for him and rushes to meet the team.

The Final Boss Battle

At the gates, Isaac, Allison, and Kira run into Mama Yukimura, who warns them that they can’t save Stiles – they must kill him, and she’s going to ensure that the nogitsune dies along with him.

Their argument is interrupted when the nogitsune breaks the final kitsune tail he stole from Mama Yukimura, and ownership of the Oni is transferred to him.

Scott and Stiles run ahead to save Lydia, who, upon seeing them, freaks out. “Didn’t you get my message?” she asks. “Who else is here? Who came with you?!” I have a bad feeling about this…

Bad feeling totally justified. Allison saves Isaac from certain death with a silver arrow, only to be stabbed herself by one of the Oni. She dies in Scott’s arms.

Memorable Quotes

Aiden: So no one notices him just kidnapping her right out of the house?
Deaton: Most of us were concentrated on the bizarre sight of a creature materializing from out of the floor.

Kira: This is life and death, mom, it isn’t a game!
Mama Yukimura: It is to him. And he’s winning.

Allison: Just out of curiosity, do you remember the other night?
Isaac: You mean the night before last night?
Allison: The night before you weren’t you?
Isaac: Yeah, I remember.
Allison: So that night, were you you, or were you not you?
Isaac: …You mean the night where we were us?

Coach Finstock: Ten thousand dollars?! They pulled an arrow out of my stomach! What, did they fill it up with diamonds? Alright, fine. Ugh, okay, just send me the bill. FINE.
[turns to class] Okay, listen up, kids. Today we’re going to discuss the corrupt institution of healthcare.

Coach: Sweetheart, do you want to tell me which insane asylum you escaped from?
Danny: Coach, insane asylum isn’t the proper terminology anymore.
Coach: Okay. Sweetheart, what nuthouse did you escape from?

Coach: Who are you?
Kira: Um. I’m new.

Nogitsune: The trickster stories are all about food, Lydia. The coyote, the raven, the fox. They’re all hungry. I’m the same. I just crave something a little different, like what you feel. And I’m insatiable.

Coach: This school has a very strict “no bullying” policy! We also frown on cursing. [oh god that was so cheesy I love it]

Allison: Dad, if something happens… well, I didn’t get to say anything to Mom. Maybe you don’t need to hear it, but I need to know that I said it. I love you. I’m proud of you. I’m proud of us.

Derek: Who else have the two of you pissed off?

Allison: I came to save my best friend.
Scott: I came to save mine.
Isaac: I just didn’t feel like doing any homework.

Comments + Verdict

Besides the fact that I’m quite annoyed about who the death ended up being (just because I knew it was gonna happen doesn’t mean I’m any less pissed off), this episode was extremely jumpy and disjointed to the point of distraction. Once again Teen Wolf‘s problem of too many characters and not enough development leads me to not really give a shit about many of them… and one of the few I still cared about ended up on the pointy end of a katana. Rest in peace, Allison Argent. May Teen Wolf‘s best actress Crystal Reed find a happy home on another show.

Rating: B-