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Scandal 3×15 “Mama Said Knock You Out” Recap

Fitz and Mellie’s kids join them for a TV interview at the White House. Elsewhere, Adnan seeks assistance from Harrison; and Rowan cautions Olivia to halt her investigation into B613.

This week’s episode opens with Olivia walking purposefully down the White House halls towards a reporter and trying to push back a Grant family interview. When she’s unsuccessful, she marches over to the room where the Grant kids – played by Dylan Minnette and Madeline Carroll -are holed up and announces “we need to talk.” Cue time jump to 24 hours earlier.


Fitz, Mellie, and the First Kids

I’m not 100% sure how long it’s been since the Grants have all been together in the same room, but it’s clear it’s been a long ass time. Jerry and Karen are cold to their father during their family dinner despite Fitz and Mellie’s efforts, and when Olivia goes to prep them for their upcoming interview, she notices something a little “off” about the way they’re acting.

Fitz and Mellie also get laid in this episode, by Olivia and Andrew respectively, so there’s that. The super weird thing is both couples were discussing the Grant Kids right before Doing the Do, because talking about the estranged kids you have with the spouse you’re cheating on is totally hot.

Later, Karen asks Mellie why she’s still married to Fitz, and why they’re helping him with his campaign after everything he’s done to them. The Gladiators discover that Jerry has been running an anonymous anti-Fitz Grant twitter account called FührerFitz and probably plans to sabotage the interview. Hashtag fascist, hashtag war criminal. Man, do Fitz’s kids hate him.

When Fitz confronts Jerry and Karen about the twitter account and a “Vote for Reston” shirt Jerry was planning to wear, Karen storms out in search of her mother… and finds her in flagrante delicto with Andrew. Olivia, rushing out after her, gets an eyeful as well. So yeah, this completely explains why Olivia needed that interview pushed back. Holy shit.

This takes us right back to where the episode started, with Olivia telling Jerry and Karen they need to talk about things. Fitz walks in and demands his kids get dressed for the interview, which leads to Karen angrily telling him that Mellie is cheating on him with Andrew. Fitz rushes away to punch Andrew in the face, which is just beyond. BEYOND. I don’t even have the words for this hypocrisy. Fitz can get some whenever he wants but Mellie needs to wear a chastity belt for the rest of her life? Puh-lease.

He then goes on to blame Mellie for ruining their marriage and opening the door for him to fall in love with Olivia, and okay, I lied before, him punching Andrew wasn’t beyond because THIS is beyond.

At Olivia’s insistence, Fitz goes to Mellie so they can get their kids, patch up their issues, and begin to do the interview together.


Olivia Pope’s latest non-White House related mission is the taking down of B613 by financially starving them. However, she and her team seem unable to trace where B613’s funding is coming from. Huck is concerned about Olivia’s plan of action (“You don’t take down B613, you run, you hide or you die”) and wants to get Quinn out first, but Olivia says that Quinn already made her choice. So are we disregarding the fact that Huck tortured her and in that moment effectively removed any options she had left? I’m not the biggest fan of Quinn either, but I get why she wouldn’t want to work alongside a guy who, y’know, ripped her teeth out and licked her face and enjoyed it.

Huck’s not the only one concerned, though; Rowan Pope calls Olivia up to warn her against digging up dirt against B613. Olivia asks him for help, but he hangs up. Jake eventually turns up at Rowan’s current workplace and tells him off for nosing around his old B613 contacts, and the typical Epic Rowan Speech ensues. Jake obviously doesn’t take too well to being on the receiving end of one of those things and threatens Rowan with death.

Adnan Salif and Mama Pope

Harrison tried to follow up on the Adnan thing after she accosted him in the car park last episode, but she’s nowhere to be found. Seems like Adnan is scared enough of Marie Wallace to go running back to her and try to worm her way out of their deal – especially when one of Marie’s contacts disappears on them. Marie just smirks and tells Adnan “We’re moving ahead, you and me. At least until I decide otherwise.”

Out of options, Adnan runs right back to Harrison again for help, this time with the rest of the Gladiators in attendance. Olivia eventually agrees to help Adnan in return for information on Marie Wallace after Harrison asks her to, but she has to figure out how to give Adnan immunity first.

Later, Marie calls her daughter Olivia to, very nicely I might add, ask for Adnan back. The niceness only succeeds in making her more terrifying.

Adnan and Harrison hook up again, only for Adnan to stab Harrision in the back – quite literally, as she injects him with a sedative and leaves him on the floor of Pope and Associates. The whole immunity thing was a heist, so Adnan could get information on the President from the Gladiators. And the second shocking twist of the night: Jake Ballard and his men are watching Adnan, Marie, and Ivan’s info-trading meeting and know all about their plans, but Jake wants to let them go and “see how it plays out.” Ummm, what?


It’s Charliquinn’s first fight as a couple, and naturally they have to do it the crazy murder addicted B613 way: bickering over Huck being in Quinn’s apartment while kidnapping and torturing Dimitri, the aforementioned criminal contact of Marie. Charlie is worried that Huck’s going to hurt Quinn (or worse, that she’s going to defect and join the Gladiators again), and Quinn comforts him by reminding him that she has a gun. The whole thing is weirdly entertaining but mostly unnerving because a good chunk of the conversation takes place while they’re drenched in blood and standing over the body of Dimitri.

Fitz’s people, meanwhile, have wised up to Dimitri’s disappearance as well, leading to Fitz correctly deducing that B613 has him. Jake denies it, then goes on a tirade about how Command is the real decision maker, and Fitz is just there to look pretty. In the middle of their conversation, Cyrus walks in, grabs a vase, and tries to smash Jake’s head in because he somehow found out that Jake was the one to kill James. What? WHAT?

After Jake basically runs away, Cyrus tiredly explains to Fitz how he came to his conclusion. “If James had lived, if he had gone public… Jake was just doing his job.”

Charliquinn report back to Jake with info they got from torturing Dimitri, namely, terrorist Ivan’s location. Jake then sends Quinn on a solo mission to talk to Huck and find out what he wants. Huck tells her he wants to rescue her. She angrily asks him what’s changed in the week since he wanted to kill her, kisses him to prove a point, and then marches away, leaving Huck staring devastated after her. When Quinn returns home, it’s to find Charlie has moved himself in while she was away to “keep an eye” on her.

In the end, Rowan does give Olivia the information on B613 she requested; B613 isn’t just funded by one department, it’s funded by all of them.

Memorable Quotes

Charlie: You want me to kill him? Cause I’d do that for you, Robin, I’d kill Huck in a second if you wanted me to.
Quinn: No. Don’t. But thank you, that’s sweet.

Andrew: Bullfrog, Utah. I go there tomorrow. Also Possum Grape, Arkansas. Apparently the goofier the name of the town, the more the campaign needs me there.

Olivia: The last thing this campaign needs is another sex scandal. [Hey, they worked the show title into the dialogue again! Although it would’ve been ten times better if Olivia had whisper-shouted “SCANDAL” and did jazz hands. Can you even imagine?]

Huck: [beats the shit out of some dude] Tell Command to return my calls.

Fitz: I am the Commander In Chief.
Jake: And I am Command. Which means you don’t tell me to do anything, because I’m not your bitch. You are the President. Your job is to shake hands, hold babies, pose with Prime Ministers and sit down to interviews with your family. You comfort people. You look pretty and you act tough. You don’t do anything.

Marie: Maybe. But I’d rather be a traitor than what you are, Livvy. Cleaning up those people’s messes. Fixing up their lives. You think you’re family, but you’re nothing but the help, and you don’t even know it.

Quinn: See I’m confused, Huck. What are the rules? How does this go? When you licked my face, when you put your tongue on my cheek, apparently that was just what you needed to get in the mood to rip out my molars, right? But your tongue in my mouth, that’s different? You put your tongue in my mouth and now I deserve to live.

Cyrus: I don’t mean to play the dead husband card, Liv, but I can’t see through the fog right now. And if I can’t see through the fog, I can’t do my job. The sky will fall. And I won’t be able to stop it, but you can.
Olivia: Tell me we’re not the help, Cyrus. That I’m not some maid with a mop in my hand cleaning up messes whenever they ring the bell.

Cyrus: It’s not just that family you’re putting back together. It’s the whole damn country.

Rating: B+