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Once Upon A Time in Wonderland 1×09 “Nothing to Fear” Recap



After a three month hiatus, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland returned to answer the question what happens to The Knave now that he is in the Genie’s bottle.

In the last episode before the hiatus, The Knave used his wish Alice game him wishing to end Alice’s suffering. In doing so, Cyrus was freed from his bonds of being a Genie, Alice recovered from almost dying when she was dying with The Knave since her fate was locked with his, and The Knave found himself in the Genie’s bottle.

The episode opens with The Knave being washed down the river in his bottle. The Knave’s old friend Lizard finds the bottle, rubs the lamp and The Knave gets his first taste of being a Genie. As soon as he pops out of the bottle he states “Mistress mine thy will be mine.” This amuses his old friend Lizard.

Meanwhile, Alice awakes to find Cyrus by his side. Her happiness is deflated when she sees The Red Queen is there with him. She doesn’t remember The Knave’s sacrifice, but when she does, she realizes they must go after him. Because just as Cyrus was pursued by Jafar, now The Knave will be his primary target.

There is obvious distrust between Alice and The Red Queen, and when the trio are separated, Alice is sure The Red Queen went off to find The Knave to garner the wishes for herself. Even though The Red Queen laments she has changed and wants The Knave back because she love him.

It is during this time, when The Red Queen is separated from Alice and Cyrus, she runs into some of her subjects. They decided to exact revenge for all the evil she has bestowed on them. They tell her to name one person who would miss her if she was gone but she can name no one. When Cyrus talks Alice into helping save her they all wind up tied to stakes.

They of course escape and continue their quest to save The Knave.

The first eight episodes of the season were all about finding and rescuing Cyrus, keeping him from Jafar. It only took less three quarters of the episode for Alice, Cyrus and The Red Queen to find The Knave.

Before The Knave is found, he and Lizard have a bit of fun. She gives her first wish to him and he wishes to buy drinks for everyone in the village they find themselves in.  It is here where The Knave gets his first lesson in heartbreak as the Genie. When The Knave asks Lizard about her second wish, thinking she fancies one of the men in the village, he states he can’t make someone love her but can help it along.

Lizard asks him to tell her what he admires in a woman. After he tells her she asks for all that to be bestowed on her. When she is transformed and stands before him in a form-fitting white dress it is then Lizard tells The Knave she cares for him. When The Knave says he could never love anyone, remember he had his heart removed, Lizard unwisely uses her third wish by saying she wishes he could feel sorry. Be careful what you wish for because The Knave can feel sadness, and does so, when Lizard dies from her wish.

This is how The Red Queen finds The Knave. Lizard dead and The Knave returned to the bottle.

She rubs the bottle and The Knave comes out and she is his mistress. Alice is enraged when she sees this, saying it was The Red Queen’s plan all along. The Red Queen makes some impassioned plea about all of them fighting against Jafar, and I shook my head. I am sorry, but are we really supposed to believe she made such a switch, and her love changed her? I don’t.

As for Jafar he spends the episode in search of the powerful being called the Jabberwocky. When he finds her they decide on an uneasy alliance to help find the Genie and his bottle.

I close with Alice and Cyrus, the most boring, milk-toast couple I have ever seen. I think Cyrus  was bland as the Genie he is even worse as a human. I am sorry, if the writers tried to create some sweeping romance between Cyrus and Alice they truly missed the boat. The Knave has more chemistry with his new Genie bottle then these two do.