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Castle 6×19 “The Greater Good” Recap


I’ve had many issues with Castle when it took the “B” storyline of the episode to focus on a supporting character’s backstory. In previous seasons, the supporting character’s side story ate up the screentime for Richard Castle and Kate Beckett and made the audience wonder why it was called Castle.

This week’s episode, “The Greater Good,” did not do that. It seems finally the Castle writing staff has learned the art of balance in the episode. So, although we had a mini backstory on Captain Victoria Gates and her estranged Justice Department sister, there was still enough room and time to focus on the murder – as well as Castle and Beckett discussing who they will be inviting to their wedding.

The Castle and Beckett scenes were fun, enticing, and sweet. It seems Castle has abandoned the idea of marrying in space and now is looking at the Cyclone roller coaster on Coney Island. Beckett shuts his idea down but does wonder how many people they are looking to invite to their wedding.

This prompts them, later in the episode, to share their wedding invitation list – a sort of his and hers. Over 500 guests to the wedding, that simply won’t do. It was fun to see the writers bring up Beckett’s Aunt Theresa again, the one who posted nasty things about Castle on Facebook when the story came out he might be getting back with his ex-wife Gina. I love that Beckett said Theresa took it down so she is not out of the wedding invite list. It was also a nice placement for Martha to breeze in, as the couple hoped Martha would help them trim down the list, but it seems Martha has a list of her own.

The murder had a very The Wolf of Wall Street spin with a mix of Castle twists and turns, leading Castle and Beckett to a high-rolling financial firm with a money hungry boss. Could he be the murderer? It points that way for a while when it is discovered the murdered man was acting as an informant for the Justice Department.

This also brings in Captain Victoria Gates’ sister as the murder ties into the murder as she works for the Justice Department. The murder victim was going to inform on his boss in exchange for getting off on a drug charge.

This ties back into how balanced the episode was. We get the typical murder investigation, some fun moments with Castle and Beckett and information on why Gates and her sister are estranged.

I also liked how Gates opened up to Beckett on why she and her sister were so distant with each other. It all tied back to when Gates was in Internal Affairs and her sister was in the DA’s office. Her sister was using a cop working undercover to get drug charges on a guy but the cop was also skimming some of the drugs and re-selling them. Gates’ sister ask her to look the other way but the by the books IA officer couldn’t do it. Her sister stated it was for “The Greater Good” but all Gates saw was justice had to be done.

That ties back into the title of this week’s episode “The Greater Good” and why the murderer confesses they killed the man.

The episode wraps with Castle and Beckett continuing to work on their wedding invitation list. Finally Beckett suggests they take one minute and write down the most essential people they want to share their special day. It only takes a second as both write down “YOU.”

Why do I feel like there is an elopement in their future?

Some key notes of the episode

  • The audience saw THREE scenes of Castle and Beckett at home in the loft
  • Martha made an appearance
  • There were two sweet kisses between Castle and Beckett
  • The walk and talk to the crime scene between Castle and Beckett were all about the wedding
  • Castle wanted to give Beckett $1 to ask about Gates’ sister
  • Ryan had a small wedding because it was all he and Jenny could afford
  • Castle has over 400 friends?
  • Castle still holds a grudge against Aunt Theresa for her Facebook post
  • Gates keeps a picture of her and her sister as children in her desk
  • It was great seeing Salli Richardson-Whitfield (loved her on Eureka)