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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Episode 11 Recap: “Claimed”

This week on The Walking Dead: let’s just say that big man Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and his team aren’t the only new characters on the show.

We start out with Tara, Glenn, and the mysterious trifecta that picked the two up from last episode. They’re now driving to an undisclosed location, and Tara jots down where they’ve been driving, as a responsible cop should do.

When Michonne is in the right company, boy do we get a laugh out of her. And thank god, because she’s actually pretty hilarious. She and Carl seem happily reunited, and share many a joke at the dining table. The conversation swings towards family, and she actually reveals to Carl that she once had one. Ricktatorship begins in full swing once more, as Rick decides they should remain in the house for a bit. Michonne and Carl leave Rick on duty in the house as they go on a supply run.

After Michonne and Carl leave, and Rick settles down on the master bed with a nice selection of Jack London stories, we hear something worse than walkers: other humans. It takes Rick awhile to get to his senses, and he quickly hides under. One burly man comes in and plops himself onto the bed, squishing Rick. Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, it does. Another dude comes in and between these two newcomers there is actually a fight to the death, over a bed. Rick manages to get himself out, and into a new room as stealthily as he can. Despite all this, he manages to still run into another newcomer in the bathroom, and Rick ends up getting the best of him before sliding out of the window.

In a new house, curious Carl digs at Michonne for info about her past. She’s not unwilling, but creates a game: let’s clear a room and then you can ask. Eventually she reveals that she used to have a son, by the name of Andre. The two go upstairs, and in an extremely creepy turn of events, wind themselves up in a pink toddler’s room, complete with corpses of the entire family that once lived there. “Good visual metaphor, dudes.”

Let’s swing back over to Tara and Glenn, as they continue on a dusty road off to nowhere. Glenn wakes up and immediately demands to be released so he can go back to finding Maggie. We finally get a formal introduction from the newcomers: Abraham Ford, along with Comrade Rosita Espinosa and the friendly neighborhood scientist, Eugene. We also get the purpose of the trio: they’re traveling to Washington DC to talk to other scientists because Eugene knows what started the outbreak and what happened.

Glenn couldn’t care less about saving the world. He tries walking out of the group, but not without a major scuffle between him and Abraham. Since everyone but Eugene becomes involved, nobody but Eugene notices a group of walkers stalking towards them. As any scientist would, he picks up a gun and begins shooting aimlessly and everywhere. Eventually everyone comes to their senses to bring down the walkers, but not without heartbreak. The tank has been shot by Eugene, making the truck pretty useless. As Glenn turns right back around toward the bus, the others realize there’s not much point elsewhere, and they all follow suit.

Back at the house, Rick manages to get outside and hide nearby the porch. It almost goes all wrong for him as yet another newcomer situates himself awkwardly close to poor Rick, but there is suddenly a distraction from inside the house. Rick takes his cue and runs far away, redirecting Michonne and Carl on their way back.

They eventually find themselves on a train track, not unlike the one Tyreese, Carol and the kids found themselves in the last episode. They run into a familiar sign: for those alive, go to the “safe” sanctuary of Terminus. Deciding they honestly have nothing else to lose (but themselves of course), they head towards this so-called “sanctuary”.

From the creepy drawing Michonne discovers to Rick’s escape from the humans, this episode actually kinda terrified me. Especially that one trend of after a character reveals a huge chunk of their backstory, they suddenly end up more vulnerable and dead (please don’t take Michonne from us). Now I gotta say: I like Abraham, and I want to believe that he’s telling the honest, genuine truth when he says he wants to help save the world. The fact there could be a definitive direction to the storyline, thanks to Eugene and DC, is pretty exciting. In any case, I’ll be waiting anxiously to see how things end up at Terminus.

Rating: B+