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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: “Inmates”


Familiar faces that we all know and cherish return on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, complete with both old and new characters.

Each segment of the episode is punctuated with a different storyline, starting off with Beth and Daryl. Seemingly the most random pairing to possibly ever exist, the duo are to the point of extreme hopelessness as they battle through the woods, with Beth narrating an entry of her journey so far in her journal. Though it seems that Daryl is a bit stone-hearted due to the latest events, Beth’s whole “i-don’t-care-about-life” attitude has taken a complete turn around. Though she does break down at the sight of walkers (which I’m surprised she has yet to get used to), she beckons Daryl to keep up hope and continue believing. All in the name of her father.

In another sector of the woods, we find Lizzie and Mikah (the two young girls in the prison) with another surprise ensemble: Tyreese and Baby Judith! we can all breathe an anticipated sigh of relief that our little-ass-kicker is still alive. Tyreese’s adventures in babysitting are quite adorable, including the wonderful changing of the diapers ceremony.The group finds trouble when Judith’s nonstop wailing seems to attracts walkers, and Tyreese ends up leaving the three alone as he goes out onto the tracks to investigate.

While Tyreese is busy battling walkers, Lizzie almost suffocates poor Judith in an attempt to shut her up. Her trance-like behavior and the fact that she almost kills the baby is concerning, and indicative of the very strange representation of kids in the show  (I’m looking at you, Carl), but thankfully they’re interrupted with the arrival of none other than…Carol! Our favorite rebel with a cause is back from the prison days, and after she’s reunited with Tyreese and the kids, they begin marching on the tracks. They come upon a sign indicating a sanctuary further ahead called “Terminus”. A bit ominous of a name for a haven, but they decide to give it a go and continue walking.

Over in a nice little clearing, Bob, Sasha and Maggie try to figure out what’s next for their little ensemble. Though Sasha is settled on the idea that Tyreese is dead, Maggie is unwilling to accept that Glenn is lost until she has proof, and ends up dragging the two over to the main road to find the school bus that left from the prison. Once they find it, they are disheartened to find that it’s completely filled with walkers. In an absolutely brilliant move by Maggie, they open the doors of the bus to see if any of the walker faces resemble someone they know. Ultimately, they all just remain to be strangers. Maggie goes into the bus by herself, letting her emotions flow out. The Greene sisters are understandably having a hard time in this episode.

In a twist of events, we now find ourselves over at the prison, where Glenn is alive and well, but quite alone. Before going into the deserted cell-blocks and ammo-ing/gearing himself up for the escape from all the walkers, he cries out “Maggie” a couple of times and looks longingly at a photo he took of her sleeping. Heartbreaking, to say the least. As he leaves, it turns out that Molly (acquainted with Brian a.k.a. the psychotic Governor) is also there, and together they leave the prison ablaze with light (they set a car on fire to distract the walkers).

It turns out that once they reach the main road, they’ve actually stumbled across the same path that Maggie, Bob, and Sasha were just at. Unfortunately, they’re quickly greeted by walkers, and Glenn is knocked out after this round. It takes a while to stir Molly up into walker-combat, and after it’s all done, she notices a huge truck creepin’ on them. Out jumps three new people, with the buff manly-man – Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) in the center shouting out: “what else you got?” Oh, dear.

So to be honest, another pretty slow storyline. The only reassuring part was seeing Carol back (even though I really wanted her entrance to be kick-ass with her being the leader of a huge group of survivors). Just a note: I could definitely hear the faint strains of “Mad World” playing as the survivors (mostly ladies) dealt with their emotions post-prison. Understandably. Now I can appreciate newcomer-ish Molly and her strong attitude, but I’m a little wary of the trio toward the end. Even though their introduction was really short, my instincts say that these three are up to no good. Let’s just focus on praying for Maggie and Glenn’s safe reunion.

Rating: B