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New Girl 3×17 “Sister II” Recap


Well. That was slow.

Maybe it was just me, but “Sister II” took all of the promise that we were tentatively offered in “Sister I” and burned it.

The problem was that when the show gave as a second serving of Abby Day this week, I just didn’t care. Linda Cardellini is great- so good with comedy and spot-on with her timing- but Abby Day is a thoroughly unlikeable character, brought in only to rile up our main character, and sadly, not doing much else. And it’s not a fun sibling rivarly that we’re treated to, a back and forth with a line of tension underneath… Because in “Sister II” Abby is instead unapologetically presented as a giant wrecking ball, here to have fun and ruin things just for the hell of it.

Sorry, but I don’t buy it.

Look: I get it, and it should be funny. Two sisters playing the polar opposites of each other, Abby mischievously but charmingly coming in and messing with Jess’s organized life… But it didn’t come off that way. Jess isn’t just simply a goody-good or a teacher. We’ve seen her messiness and her strange side, and to bring Linda Cardellini in just to get her stressed enough to force Nick to anxiously lie…


I just didn’t care that much. Or at all, to be honest. And it didn’t help that they paired Abby off with Schmidt, a character that, week by week, plays a more nuanced and complicated version of Abby’s role – the loose cannon, essentially – with more humor and a whole lot more reasoning behind it.

Abby spends “Sister II” ruining things, but the writers don’t really earn it.

Winston (as his usual, stunning self) gave the only real laughs, and even his story fell flat due to a repeat of the last few episodes’ main theme for him: failure. In “Sister II” Winston fails. Winston can’t read the back of tests. But Winston will prevail with his dream, because, hey!! He can do whatever the front page of his mind wants to do!!

Call me when he actually does prevail with his dream, because at the moment it seems a lot like Andy Dwyer’s Parks and Rec arc, where he tried to become a cop with no avail. And for once, I want to see Winnie Bish win one…And get paired up with a dog partner at police academy.

Besides that, I don’t really know what I want from New Girl anymore, but it certainly wasn’t what “Sister II” gave us.

The loft is too small for another character – especially so soon after already adding Coach back in – and although in theory Abby Day is an interesting character, in “Sister II” there was nothing that showed me she wasn’t just a one-dimensional devil created to stir up Grandpa Nick and his old lady Jess.

Maybe it was just me, but “Sister II” felt like a reminder of all the bad things in New Girl’s third season.

Grade: C+

Memorable Quotes

  • WINSTON SCORES THE FIRST LAUGH! “Girl, I got an obligation. At a sandwich meeting.”
  • WINSTON SCORES THE SECOND LAUGH! “…Guess you can’t outrun a text.” “Nope.” “Well with the right amount of training-“
  • I hate that Schmidt looks set to get more of a role with Abby than Jess, but I did appreciate this: “Hey Jess, can I borrow your glasses? We’re going to roleplay as you guys …She’s not going to be you, I’m going to be you.”