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‘Veronica Mars’ Is MTV’s Most Anticipated Movie of 2014

The 2014 MTV Brawl has a winner, and although she is a superhero, she’s not from Marvel Cinematic Universe and she doesn’t feed on the blood of her fellow hotties. What she does do is headline the most-anticipated movie of the year: VERONICA MARS!

Fans of epic franchises like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Marvel, and Vampire Academy went head-to-head in a bracket-style election. Being the no-apologies sports that they are, the MTV poll allowed a fan to vote as many times as necessary to prove how much more they love their favorite thing than the next person. And vote they did: more than 200 million votes were cast for the contest, with 40 million alone in the final round.

The poll has been jumping across social networking websites like Twitter and Tumblr, with fans and celebrities hoping to generate interest for the upcoming releases. If you were one of the 91,000 Marshmallows who donated to the VM Kickstarter last year, then two days ago you got another production email from the film. In Project Update #65 director Rob Thomas took a side moment to thank all the fans who voted for the online poll.

Last but not least: thanks to anyone who took the time to vote for Veronica in MTV’s Movie Brawl.  With your help, we’ve advanced to the final round, where we’re facing off against Vampire Academy for the title of Most Anticipated Movie of 2014.  Our movie doesn’t have sexy teenage vampires in it — that you know of.  On the other hand, we probably have more brooding.  I expect it’s going to be a tight race.

The Veronica Mars film has been on a winning streak since it debuted the fundraising campaign in April 2013. They set new records for the Kickstarter website, including the highest number of contributors, the fastest to reach 1 and 2 million, the highest-funded film project, and the third highest-funded project overall. Fans ultimately contributed 5.7 million dollars, enough for Warner Brothers to promise a posh roll-out. In March, less than a year later, the feature film will hit theaters with a return of myriad cast members in familiar roles. Set during Veronica’s ten year high school reunion, the story will be continued over the next few years in a series of official tie-in novels.

Congratulations on another win, VM team!

Full disclosure: I voted for you. Veronica Mars is my patronus. I even bought a mug to prove it.

(Source: MTV)